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Senate Joins House, Passes Iraq War Funding Bill With Timeline for Withdrawal

March 30, 2007 - by David Moore

Have you been following the news about the recent votes in the House and the Senate on the Iraq War, but aren’t sure of the full details or implications? Or do you want to find out how your Representative or Senators voted? Even if you don’t know the name of the bill in question, OpenCongress makes it easier to find. Just check out the bill on OpenCongress that’s most written-about in the news and the bill most written-about on blogs — they’re both in the “sort-by” drop-down box on the “Bills” page — and you’ll find H.R. 1591, also known as the war supplemental. This is the bill that was passed 218-212 in the House last week Friday, and that the Senate passed 51-47 on Thursday, March 29th. (Pictured at right: Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Evan Bayh, and Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose efforts pushed this much buzzed-about bill through the Senate.)

Here’s a quick big-picture summary of where things stand on the war supplemental’s timeline for troop withdrawal. Both the House and Senate versions contain some version of such a timeline: the House version sets a firm deadline of Aug. 31, 2008, while the Senate version sets a non-binding goal of March 2008. There’s also a lot of chatter about earmarks and additional spending loaded into the bill - we’ve written a bit before about this “>strategy, in light of fairly-uniform Republican opposition and the explicit veto threat from President Bush for any bill with a timeline for withdrawal. To catch up on the full context and analysis, check out this bill’s ”">news coverage, blog commentary, and especially the extensive run-down of Congressional actions to end the Iraq War available on the publicly-editable wiki, Congresspedia. We’ll have more analysis of the implications of the Senate’s actions in endorsing H.R. 1591 next week.

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