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Bipartisanship at its Best

September 30, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

If you’re a dedicated C-Span watcher, you probably alreday know that “death panels” are the new area of bipartisan consensus for health care reform. We’ve know for a while that the Democrats support them:

And if you were watching yesterday, you’d know that the Republicans are now supporting them too:

That’s Rep. Alan Gray son [D, FL-8]. Expect to see his name on a Republican-sponsored resolution in the hopper soon.

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  • Anonymous 09/30/2009 11:20am

    No Mr. Grayson we do not want Americans to die. Just all you Powerhungry Liberal Democrats.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/30/2009 5:26pm

    It was your powerhungry stick up their asses Republicans that put us were we are now. Broke. Because all the Republicans was to do is kiss the asses of the greedy rich and those, who don’t give a shit big business men along with Wall Street. So just kick licking and sucking as you republicans do best until you get sick.

  • Anonymous 09/30/2009 4:52pm

    “Just all you Powerhungry Liberal Democrats.” Posted anonymously. Let’s guess that’s because the sender could ‘almost’ sense how disgustingly low and inhuman such thinking truly is. (Probably a Glen Beck fan.)

  • Anonymous 09/30/2009 6:24pm

    Republicans are hand-dragging Neanderthals, really? Wow, talk about gross generalizations about Republicans…all they say is NO, NO NO and they have NO ideas for health care reform? Meet Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan lately? Stop the partisan nonsensical talk and whining and truly get to work for all Americans. Until you do, no one should take you seriously.

  • Wolvez53 10/04/2009 9:36pm

    All you brite people out there are taking the bait. Bait and switch,when was the last time any political party did anything good for We The People. In 1913 both party’s of congress,senate and the pres. Woodrow Wilson sold the people’s power to coin money to the Rothchild World bank. If we don’t pull our head’s out of our Ass’es we will all go down together. Read The Naked Capitalist,a review and commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope by W. Cleon Skousen. The book show’s a clear picture of how our own government and media are being paid off or killed,to not talk about how the federal reserve is sucking us dry with illegal coining of money,illegal income tax on We The People. All in the name of protecting us,From What? They won’t even secure our border’s and they want us to believe there is a threat of terrorism. The only thing 9-11 brought us is The Loss of Our Right’s. Both political party’s have been taking us down the same path,sence giving away The People’s Money.

  • Wolvez53 10/04/2009 10:21pm

    Our Contitution is clear,only congress has authority to coin money. They do not have the power to give that authority to any entity,let alone to an interest outside the people’s oversight. After reading The Naked Capitilist my knee’s were weak with fear,for who control’s the money,control’s the government and it’s people. They are useing our own money to inslave us and our own government can not save us. As soon as we elect a few new congressmen they are told what the deal is,everyone has secret’s, They are controled by fear,by money by power and then we have the (C.F.R) Council on foreign Relation’s they all must join. Between the coining of our money by a foriegn entity and the (C.F.R.) they have us sewed up in a sweet little package. They charge us interest to illegaly coin our own money and then illegaly tax us on our labor,yet another thing forbidden in our Contitution. how do they get away with it,becouse 90% of the people don’t know about it,THEY DON’T TEACH THIS IN SCHOOL FOLKS

  • Wolvez53 10/04/2009 11:04pm

    Can anyone tell us even one promise Obama kept after his propaganda speach trail,I believe he said he’d been to 57 states with one more to go. I Have to Wonder who he’s planning on taking over. To be fair I can’t think of any promise a politition has kept in resent year’s. I voted for the Bush’s 4 time’s, what a mistake. Allthough I did’nt wake up until a few month’s ago I feel as though I woke up in the middle of Rosemary’s Baby,and it’s all true. Between 9-11 and useing that as excuse to install the patriot act and the ramming bill’s through without even reading them it’s as though were in a third world country with no Constitution. Not only our own Gov. but we have the (C.F.R.)Council on foriegn Relation’s The (W.H.O.)World health orginazation The (U.N.)United Nation’s The (N.W.O.)New World Order. Everyone can’t wait to get over her and save us. I think the only thing we need saving from is our own government. They keep saying it’s for our own good. The Gov. is not my moma Back Off!

  • Wolvez53 10/04/2009 11:47pm

    What happened to Alan Grayson? Did the federal reserve board take him to the shed and slap the sence out of him. a couple of weeks ago he was taking it to the fed. chair and asking some really tough questions,like what happened to the three trillion,yes trillion dollers that was here one day and gone tomorrow. I new it was to good to be true sence congress has no oversight of the Fed. Eversence 1913 when our congress,senate and Woodrow Wilson gave America away without the aproval of We The People. The biggest scheme in world history. The federal reserve has a monopoly on the world ponzi scheme with the American Doller,and when it all falls apart who’s to blam? Well you and me of corse,we are American’s. We get blamed for everything,after all it’s our money,or is it. actually it’s the Rothchilds,Rockefellers and about 12 other families that have been pulling the strings sence the 1913 payoff. I wonder if the Rothchild family can kill everyone before everyone can get to them. Ahh prison.

  • Wolvez53 10/05/2009 12:44am

    Is anyone out there starting to conect the dots yet. Or you still arguing over which party screwed us thr worse,get over it,call it a tie,call it a day and move on to whats important right now. We have a run away train and don’t know who is running it. All we now is where it’s been. I’ve only been paying attention sence 9-11 so I have alot to learn. We know that 9-11 does not add up. You don’t attack Iraq When none of the so called terrorist came from there. You don’t have open border’s and say you need the Patriot act to protect the people. You don’t ram bill’s through congress without reading them. We are on record speed to destroy this country within a few year’s. I am not a big fan of the 2012 end of the world club,but on the corse we’er going it could end up coming true. If we quit bickering over simple things and come together to elect a new congress and show our new congress that they can have faith that we will not back down to any foe,we could take back Our Republic God Bless.

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