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Submit a Tip and Help Open Up Congress

April 5, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

Do you know something about Congress that you want to see published on our front page? You may have some of the best, juiciest information about Congress, and if you want more people to know about it, submit a tip to be published on OpenCongress and the Congress Gossip Blog. Anyone can submit a tip, either anonymously, or attributed to your name and email address. You can submit just about anything — news about Congress that is slipping under the media radar, a cool Congress-related news or blog article that you want to draw more attention to, a call-in or letter writing campaign related to bills in Congress, an incriminating picture of your Rep. or Senator from your high school yearbook…really, anything.

The Congress Gossip Blog submit-a-tip form can be a tool for exposing corruption, putting a spotlight on wasteful spending, reporting a piece of news you learned from contacting a Member of Congress, or simply sharing a juicy political tidbit. If you’re a political insider, this is an open public forum to get your tips out of the Beltway and into the public eye. Or, if you’re a citizen journalist researching the legislative records of Members of Congress, you can submit a tip and share what you’ve found.

Tips will be reviewed and, if approved — basically, anything that is a “tip,” and not a comment about the site, will be approved — it will be published in the column to the right, under the “Submit a Tip” heading, and stay there until it is pushed to the bottom of the page by other tips. Plus, some tips will be published in the Congress Gossip Blog and will appear on the front page of OpenCongress, as well as being archived in the right-hand column.

We have only received a few tips from readers so far. But, what we have received has worked out really well. For example, one, from Carl Malamud, was the impetus for this post on the Congress Gossip Blog. That post was subsequently linked-to by several other blogs (including Crooks and Liars) and has been at the top of the right-hand column of the Congress Gossip Blog for more than a month. All of those things, combined, make for a lot of publicity.

So, the next time you know about something interesting related to Congress that the rest of us are missing out on, don’t hesitate to submit a tip to OpenCongress.

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