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Public Option "Zone of Compromise"

October 22, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Via Nate Silver at 538, this graphic outlining the many variations of the public option and which ones could possibly pass the Senate is exceedingly clever and probably accurate:

The y-axis shows the range of implementation options being tossed around for the public option and the x-axis shows the operation options. The yellow triangle contains what seems like the potential areas for a compromise. As Nate at 538 notes, it’s not a perfect representation — co-ops and public option plans can can be combined to form a compromise, for example — but I think it still says simply what would otherwise take a lot of writing to explain and would still be more confusing.

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  • Anonymous 10/25/2009 2:56pm

    you realize that if this passes it has to go back to the house/senate committee then back to the house for another vote. we wont see any money for 2-4 more weeks thanks democrats <—— they have full control they could pass this in a few days if they wanted to.

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