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Two New Polls, Choose Your Results

April 10, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

Two new polls have just been released, and regardless of which side you are more inclined to favor — the Republican President or the Democratic-controlled Congress — there is one for you to be proud of.

The USA Today/Gallop poll has Instapundit declaring:

“Congress’s Approval Rate: Still lower than Bush’s. And disapproval is higher”

The Gallop poll itself put it this way:

>Gallup’s monthly update on key trends and indicators finds a modest improvement in the approval ratings Americans give to President George W. Bush and Congress, but little change in the public’s overall satisfaction with the state of the nation. All three are still rated quite negatively, with 38% of Americans approving of Bush, 33% approving of Congress, and 33% saying they are satisfied with the way things are going in the nation.

The results are barely something for Republicans to celebrate, given that the President’s ratings are also low. However, Instapundit pretty much nailed it by putting all the attention on the fact that, despite the President’s incredibly low approval ratings, the Democratic Congress is doing even worse.

Here is how the AP poll is being interpreted at truthdig:

“Congress Beats Bush in Approval Ratings”

And Here is how the Ap poll itself puts it:

>Public approval for Congress is at its highest level in a year as Democrats mark 100 days in power and step up their confrontation with President Bush over his handling of the Iraq War, the issue that overshadows all others.

The polls cross each other out in all but one area — the one thing they have in common is that Congress’s approval rating is going up.

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