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October 29, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • CBO Scores the new House health care bill (CBO Director’s Blog).
  • A complete list of tax provisions in the new health care bill (Americans for Tax Reform).
  • Hoyer says House GOP can have a vote on an alternative health care bill, but it must be scored by CBO and posted online first (The Hill).
  • All 40 Senate Republicans sign a letter asking Harry Reid to post the new Senate health care bill online (Sen. Sessions’ Facebook page).
  • Unemployment benefits extension vote now set for Monday afternoon (Washington Independent).
  • Sen. Sessions lies about “illegals” getting unemployment benefits (Wonk Room).
  • Harry Reid’s advice for public option proponents: “contact your representatives back here in Washington and push hard.” (Huffington Post).
  • Senate committee passes comprehensive Iran sanctions bill (The Caucus).
  • Would any states actually opt out of the public option? (Ezra Klein).
  • Republicans threaten to boycott the Senate’s climate change hearings (New York Times).
  • Fuzzy areas in the “too big to fail” bill (Forbes).
  • New report: do online townhall meetings actually have an impact? (Congressional Management Foundation).
  • Sen. Conrad urges Dem colleagues who oppose the health care bill to vote to bring the bill to debate (Plum Line).
  • Audio of Nancy Pelosi’s conference call with progressive bloggers on the new health care bill (Crooks and Liars).
  • Cyber attack puts ethics document in hands of reporter (The Hill).
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