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Health Care Reform Before The Holidays?

December 18, 2009 - by David Moore

Photo, right: Sens. Lieberman & Collins w/ Alan Greenspan last Thursday before committee testimony (via Daylife).

“Congress Links”, Friday edition ::

  • The hottest Congressional “viral” video on the Web right now is a loaded exchange between Sens. Lieberman & Franken — what a world, right? Ezra Klein posts the clip everyone is watching & wowing over: WaPo.

  • Memeorandum rounds up the analysis of the tête-à-tête (to what extent was it parliamentary efficiency vs. political signaling etc.?) — everyone from RedState to FireDogLake to The Awl, lots of buzz

  • The must-read Brian Beutler does the diligent journalistic legwork every day for us all in a gratifyingly readable & informative & accessible style: “No Room For Error If Senate To Pass Health Care Before Christmas” (TPM-DC).

  • Former Sec. of Labor Robert Reich: Slouching Toward Health Care Reform (HuffPo). Ben Smith says SEIU President Andy Stern sez, “Pass the Bill” (Politico).

  • “Senate invokes cloture on defense bill in wee hours of the morning” (The Hill). Bold, Politico’s write-up calls the vote “poisonous”.

  • Sen. Feingold takes a strategic stand to advance the cause of health care reform (Politico).

  • Paul Krugman: “Pass The Bill”. Reactions from Bill Kristol, Matt Yglesias, Hot Air, Think Progress, and many more bloggers & news outlets: Memeorandum.

  • Ezra Klein tackles & articulates what Lieberman has done (PoliticalWire excerpt).

For handy reference, here again are the Senate and House versions of the health care reform bill, and previous OC Blog coverage of the debate.

Follow along with OC’s uniquely-aggregated news & blog coverage from around the web on key Senators in the health care wrangling: Lieberman (I-CT), Nelson (D-NE), Snowe (R-ME), Reid (D-NV), McCain (R-AZ), Collins (R-ME), view all.

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