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Senate Locks Votes for Health Care Bill This Week

December 19, 2009 - by David Moore

Photo, right: Sens. Baucus, Reid, Dodd, and Harkin are bullish on health care reform (via Daylife).

Congress Links, Sunday health care reform edition ::

  • “Final Senate healthcare bill released by Reid in drive for 60” (The Hill). Jeffrey Young reports: “The House passed its version of the healthcare bill last month. If Reid is able to keep his 60 Democrats in hand through a vote to approve the Senate bill scheduled for 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, he will deliver a major victory to President Barack Obama. House and Senate Democrats would then confer during the holiday break and into January on the version that would go to Obama for a signature.” For quick-handy reference, here again are the Senate and House versions of the health care reform bill, and previous OC Blog coverage of the debate.

  • “Sen. Ben Nelson to announce support for health-care bill” (WaPo via Memeorandum).

  • “Payoffs for states seal Senate deal” (Politico).

  • “New Senate Bill Achieves Greater Deficit Reduction, On Track To Pass By Christmas” (Wonk Room).

  • “Dragging down the health care debate” (Media Matters).

  • Overview of links: “Ben Nelson Press Conference: Senator Announces Support For Health Reform Bill (VIDEO)” (HuffPo via Google Blog Search).

Follow along with OC’s uniquely-aggregated news & blog coverage from around the web on key Senators in the health care wrangling: Lieberman (I-CT), Nelson (D-NE), Snowe (R-ME), Reid (D-NV), McCain (R-AZ), Collins (R-ME), view all.

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