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Keep Helping Sunlight Help the Senate

April 20, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

The Sunlight Foundation has made a lot of progress in their attempt to find out which senator has placed a secret hold on S.223, a bill to require senators to file their campaign finance reforms electronically. Help them put the pressure on the remaining main suspects so we can get to the bottom of this so the Senate can move forward with this important piece of transparency legislation.

>Major media outlets are reporting that the Senator in question is definitely a Republican. Since we know that the Senator is a Republican we can narrow down our search to the remaining 12 Republican Senators. Help find the anonymous Senator and call these 12 Senators today. I’ve separated them into two groups. One group contains Republican cosponsors of the bill that have not made a statement yet. It is highly unlikely that any of these Senators have blocked the bill but it is still worth getting a statement out of them. The second group is our Main Suspects list. These Senators aren’t cosponsors and have either not been contacted or refuse to divulge information. It is time to put pressure on these 10 Senators. Just in case a staffer tells you there is no hold let them know that Sen. DeMint’s office confirmed that there is a hold to one our callers. Who is the anonymous Senator blocking S. 223? It’s time to find out. Use this contact form to let us know or leave your findings in the comments.

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