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Keep Reading the Fine Print

January 25, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

The credit card reform bill Congress passed in May is set to take effect on February 22nd.

While it contains some good consumer protections, it doesn’t mean that after Feb. 22 you can just stop paying attention to what your credit card company is doing with your account. The bill has a lot of loopholes; read this WalletPop post for a good rundown of the kinds of abusive fees and other funny business you should still be looking out for even after the bill goes into effect.

I’ll add my own warning about the bill: if you visit a National Park after Feb. 22, watch out for tourists with guns. If you’ll recall, this is the bill Sen. Tom Coburn [R, OK] won an unrelated amendment to that reverses a Reagan-era rule banning firearms in the National Park System.

(via Consumerist)

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