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Senate Jobs Bill Skips Unemployment Benefits Extension

January 26, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

UPDATE: According to reports, the jobs bill now is expected to include an extension of expiring unemployment insurance benefits and COBRA benefits.

Unemployment insurance benefits, which have been a perennial hot issue with OpenCongress users, will not be extended under the jobs bill that Senate Democrats are writing.

The House passed a jobs bill in December (H.R. 2847) that included a six-month UI benefit and COBRA health care subsidy extension among other things.

The companion bill that the Senate is working will be significantly pared down, according to a report from the Washington Post on a draft version that is being circulated on the Hill today. While the House bill would cost $155 billion, the Senate bill is expected to cost about $80 billion and be entirely funded by unused financial bailout money. According to the reports, two will be heavy on tax incentives for small businesses that hire new employees, money for infrastructure and energy efficiency projects, and funds to help state governments keep public employees like police and firefighters on the payroll.

The Post reports that am unemployment benefits extension like the one the House included in their jobs bill “may move in the chamber separately.”

For more information on unemployment benefits extension, see our WIki article, Emergency Unemployment Compensation, and the Benefit Wiki Project, which lists detailed UI information state-by-state. Also see the active community at the 2009 unemployment extension bill page.

(via Washington Independent)

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  • nancym 01/26/2010 7:08am

    Thanks for the plug for the ongoing discussion on S. 1699, Donny!

  • dartcanyon 01/30/2010 2:45pm

    This figures. Looks like we are in for another loooong haul but we must keep shouting for our rights. If washington thinks this country is in bad straits now just wait until millions lose their benefits this time. Homeless people will crowd streets, crime will increase, suicides and killings at businesses will increase even more than they have already and many will just plain give up. Washington has their prioroties you know where because they never have to worry about being in our shoes. It is NOT our fault we lost our jobs and can’t get hired now. We paid tax dollars into this governemt for most of our lives and it’s time the government gave something back to us instead of giving it all to foreign countries at every little whim in the name of Foreign Policy.

  • HopefromCA 02/08/2010 8:37pm

    Washington has no idea of how the price of houses still has to go down to an acceptable level where the average wage can handle it. Right now there are agencies to keep giving out loans at low interest rates to keep the house prices up artificially. The reason they do this is to keep the property taxes coming in to pay the public sector. Until they understand and stop interfering with demand and supply will the recovery begin.

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