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Once Upon a Time, Democrats Had a Health Care Deal

January 30, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

Just in case any health care reform proponents aren’t sufficiently agonized

[Sen. Tom Harkin] said “we had an agreement, with the House, the White House and the Senate. We sent it to [the Congressional Budget Office] to get scored and then Tuesday happened and we didn’t get it back.” He said negotiators had an agreement in hand on Friday, Jan. 15.

Harkin made clear that negotiators had reached a final deal on the entire bill, not just the excise plans, which had been reported the previous day, Jan. 14.

What they didn’t have was a plan for what to do about health care if Scott Brown won in Massachusetts.

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  • dartcanyon 01/30/2010 2:29pm

    The Healthcare Bill is not what it is bragged up to be. It will hurt Senior Citizens big time so let’s ditch that and get on with something that cannot wait and that affects millions on a daily basis…unemployment benefits. Healthcare has been the way it is for years and to spend endless time trying to come up with something new is just a political ploy. Take the crucial time to extend unemployment benefits thru the rest of 2010. The money we get all goes back into the economy and helps keep a few more people from becoming homeless as many more end up that way every day. The fat cats in Washington don’t care as they are rich and will never know the suffering that is going on in this country now. STOP employing foreigners and you will see the jobless rate almost disappear.

  • dartcanyon 01/30/2010 2:33pm

    Why does this country feel it has to help countries who have killed our soldiers? We have no reason to feel guilty or to do this. They would not do the same for us. Vietnam and Japan are great examples but yet we give them money and help them all the time in the name of Foreign Policy. Take care of our own first and foremost.

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