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Senate Dems Unveil Jobs Agenda

February 4, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

Senate Democrats this morning announced an $80 billion-plus “jobs agenda” package that they’ll begin debating next week. It’s going to be taken up as a series of small bills. So what’s included? Well, nobody know for sure. But from various reports, it looks like in will include at least these five things:

1) Tax credits for small businesses — The bill would provide a credit of up to $5,000 for each new employee hired in 2010. It may also exempt companies that hire from Social Security taxes for the rest of the years as well. Additionally, there may be some write-offs for businesses that make new equipment purchases.

2) Funds for state and municipal construction projects — Money for the federal Highway Trust Fund, which helps fund road projects. Expansion of the Build America Bonds program, which helps states and local government pay for big construction projects.

3) Unemployment insurance benefits extension — The current extension of unemployment benefits and COBRA health insurance benefits is scheduled to end at the end of March. The jobs agenda will extend these programs for a period.

4) “Cash for Caulkers” — Provides incentives for homeowners that undertake energy efficiency improvement projects in their houses, or hire contractors to do the projects.

5) Help for retaining keep public employees — Money for states and local governments to help them avoid laying off teachers, police and other public employees.

Details and full legislative text are still forthcoming. Big questions still remain, like how much, exactly, it will cost, and how it will be paid for. With votes on these jobs bills expected to start on Monday, we’ll be hustling to get the bills online for you to review over the weekend.

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  • dartcanyon 02/04/2010 9:57am

    I see that this Jobs Bill has unemployment extensions/Cobra in it also. This is a good decision but this also would need to be passed by mid-Feb. in order to keep millions from dropping off UI rolls. At least that is what we are being told. We need more extensions until the job market improves and that isn’t going to be substantial until early next year. The figures that are in the media all the time are wrong so that the Republicans can claim something or other.

  • nancym 02/04/2010 3:30pm

    My understanding of these various reports about unemployment extensions is that they are simply extensions of deadlines, not added weeks. I.e., for the over million long term unemployed who will completely exhaust all benefits between Feb-March, there is little or no talk of a Tier 5. And that million plus figure is just the beginning; it will grow by leaps and bounds each month as Tier 4 recipients use up their last 6 weeks or less of benefits.

  • dartcanyon 02/06/2010 7:20am
    Actuality and facts are what we are about so they can stop their false reports that only help Wall Street and big business daddies and stick with the truth and the facts that we all can see every single day. This is also a political ploy to try and stop any further bills passing in order to extend benefits to millions who ARE and CONTINUE to look for jobs and have, as of yet, not been hired. If things are getting better Washington then send everyone who is unemployed a notice of a job you have waiting for us because that is not happening in CA for sure. I am constantly on line and the phone sending applications/resumes and all I get back is that they are not hiring at this time but yet they have ads in the papers and online. Explain that one! 2010 is NOT going to be any better in the job market and after paying taxes into this country’s systems for most of our lives we deserve to not be trodden on by any public officials in the name of politics. It’s survival folks and basic at that.
  • dartcanyon 02/06/2010 7:21am

    Sara Murray of Wall Street Journal has an article in our paper this morning about the unemployment rate drop for this week. This is nothing more than a political ploy to make it look like the economy is getting better. Unemployed workers are not dumb or stupid and can see right thru these tactics. While jobs are still being lost by the thousands it is impossible for the rate to decrease. If anything it has increased so Wall Street and the government need to give us more credit than they do now. Numbers don’t mean a thing and can be manipulated easily to look favorable about anything.

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  • 9171787 02/23/2010 6:24am
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    Here’s the gig, (but first what caused it): The D’s have been trying desperately to paint the R’s as obstructionist because it’s the only thing that can possibly save THEM (The D’s) from mainstream job loses in Nov!. Grassley and Baucus (Senate Finance) set up a jobs bill WITH UE extensions in it. Reid pounced. He had (2) Tactical reasons to CUT OUT UE extensions and a whole host of other dire, time/deadline related critical tax extensions from the non partisan (Grassley/Baucus) jobs bill. 1st and foremost He planned to open the door for the R’s (if they decided to) to fight for their version (WITH UE EXTENSIONS) and make it look like THEY “stalled” the bill until AFTER it was too late, Making THEM look obstructionist. 2) He knows they have to pass this. Thats why he cut out most all of the time sensitive amendments, and then (in conjunction with the previous reason) HE WANTS TOTAL (PHLEGMOOCRAT) political credit for it! (HR 2847 “AS CHANGED BY REID”)

  • 9171787 02/23/2010 6:37am

    Gather all of your worst nightmares and frustrations about the condition of the Constitution of this country as it relates to Articles I-III (if not the rest) and you wont BEGIN to understand where we’re headed. The Brooksley Born’s and John Oneill’s of our country are STILL being silenced…

  • 9171787 02/23/2010 1:43pm

    Robert Gibbs said today that the white house knows that “we have to get UI and cobra extensions done BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH…”

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