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February 17, 2010 - by Eric Naing

Here’s today’s rundown of a few articles and blog posts worth reading:

  • Sen. Evan Bayh [D, IN] cited a dysfunctional Congress as the reason why he was retiring at the end of his term. Part of the solution, Bayh said on MSNBC today, would be to reform a filibuster process that Republicans “routinely used to frustrate even low level presidential appointees.” Adding, “It’s just brought the process to a halt and the public is suffering.” (Think Progress)
  • Sen. Chris Dodd [D, CT], however, isn’t a fan of filibuster reform. “I totally oppose the idea of changing filibuster rules,” Dodd said. “That’s foolish, in my view.” (The Hill)
  • A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 80 percent of respondents oppose the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowing unlimited union and corporate dollars to be spent on U.S. elections. Over 70 percent also support efforts by Congress to limit the influence of corporate spending. (The Washington Post)
  • Misconceptions about the stimulus have gotten so out of control that a New York Times-CBS poll shows that only 6 percent of Americans think it has created any jobs. Donny already highlighted this but in case you missed it, read David Leonhardt’s story on the effectiveness of the stimulus package for a dose of reality. (The New York Times)
  • In what might be the ultimate catalog of stimulus hypocrisy, Think Progress lists 111 instances of lawmakers taking and praising stimulus money while opposing the stimulus. (Think Progress)
  • It’s looking more and more likely that the White House will unveil some kind of health care proposal for next week’s summit. Ace health care reporter Karen Tumulty games out the two options the president might take. (Time)
  • Taking a cue from Jonathan Chait, Ezra Klein demolishes the Republican belief that allowing insurers to sell policies across state lines will reduce health care costs. (Ezra Klein)
  • Speaking of Republican health care ideas, Jon Henke offers some constructive criticism for Newt Gingrich’s and John C. Goodman’s Ten GOP Health Care Ideas for Obama. (The Next Right)
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