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March 9, 2010 - by Eric Naing

Here are a few articles and blog posts from today that you probably should check out:

  • Our colleague Paul Blumenthal at the Sunlight Foundation explains how energy industry donations tie into Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s [D, AR] opposition to Environmental Protection Agency regulations of greenhouse gases. (The Sunlight Foundation)
  • Disgraced and outgoing Rep. Eric Massa [D, NY-29] was embraced by some conservatives for opposing President Obama’s health care reform bill. The Weekly Standard warns that this will have consequences when the full details of Massa’s actions comes to light. (The Weekly Standard)
  • Democrats are also pushing back against Massa’s claims that he was pushed out for his vote against the health care bill. (The Hill)
  • There seems to be a new story each day about how some House Democrat plans to vote on health care. Ezra Klein explains why you shouldn’t put too much stock in these reports. (The Washington Post)
  • Fully recognizing the irony of this, here’s a story implying that a deal could be worked out on health care with Rep. Stupak [D, MI-1] over abortion. (The Associated Press)
  • The Wall Street Journal has a great op-ed explaining what cost control mechanisms are in the health care bill. But since the op-ed is for subscribers only, I’m linking to Kevin Drum’s smart take on it. (Mother Jones)
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