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How Many In the House Want to End the War in Afghanistan?

March 11, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

Earlier this week, the House voted on a resolution (H.Con.Res.248) from Rep. Dennis Kucinich [D, OH-10] directing President Obama to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan within 30 days. As expected, the resolution failed. But it failed by a larger spread than I think most would expect. Only 65 members of the 435-member, Democrat-dominated House of Representatives voted for the bill.

You can see who voted "yes " on withdrawing the troops here: 60 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

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  • justamick 03/12/2010 9:06am

    How about directing the more immediate removal of troops from Iraq? That, after all, is the primary place we shouldn’t be.

    Afghanistan is the one place we should be helping stabilize. With stabilization comes the need for US and NATO/UN forces to be a continuing presences until such time as Afghani forces can protect their government and their people. They cannot currently do this. That means that forces MUST be left there. If we leave, Afghanistan will be come a hotbed of terrorist rhetoric and activity with a seriously oppressive government that seeks to religiously enslave it’s population

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