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March 17, 2010 - by Eric Naing

Health care continues to make this week a real roller coaster. Everyone right now is waiting in anticipation for the Congressional Budget Office’s score of the reconciliation bill – which some expected two days ago. And while there used to be talk of a House vote on Friday or Saturday, that timeline is slowing shifting to late Saturday or Sunday. Until then, here’s our web roundup to tide you over:


  • Jonathan Cohn explains what’s taking so long for those CBO numbers to come out. (The New Republic)
  • I know I’ve warned against putting too much stock in whip counts but this chart listing House Democrats to watch is pretty useful. (The New York Times)
  • Richard Cohen explains the stakes involved in the upcoming vote on health care and provides the proper historical context. (Hotline On Call)
  • A decisive 89 percent of liberals polled by Public Policy Polling support the Democratic health care plan. Even more surprising, only three percent oppose it. (The Plum Line)
  • As Republicans complains about the supposedly “unprecedented” and “unconstitutional” process Democrats are using to pass health care, Ezra Klein reminds us of the truly ugly way many of those same Republicans passed the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. (The Washington Post)
  • Former Rep. Marjorie Margolies, who lost her seat after casting a crucial vote for President Clinton’s tax raising and deficit reducing budget, urges House Democrats to “cast the vote that you won’t regret in 18 years.” (The Washington Post) 
  • The Senate voted to pass the jobs bill I wrote about yesterday. Technically, the Senate deemed that it passed and the Constitution didn’t explode. (Congress Matters)
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