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Obama's Health Care

March 22, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

The health care bill that is going to be signed into law tomorrow requires all Members of Congress and congressional staffers to ditch their cushy Federal Employee Health Benefits insurance plans and buy insurance on the new health care exchanges. They would have the same insurance options available to them as everyone else in the individual insurance market, although they are earning more than the average citizen and can probably afford better plans.

Here’s the text:

Sen. Charles Grassley [R, IA] wants the President, Vice President, cabinet members and top White House staff to give up their FEHB insurance too. He’s going to submit an amendment to the reconciliation bill containing the “fixes” to the health care bill that is going to be debated in the Senate tomorrow that would require White House officials to get insurance on the exchanges as well.

“It’s pretty unbelievable that the president and his closest advisors remain untouched by the reforms they pushed for the rest of the country,” Grassley said in a statement. “In other words, President Obama’s health care reform won’t apply to President Obama.”

Grassley’s amendment won’t be eligible under Byrd Rule, which requires all budget reconciliation provisions to more than incidentally affect the deficit. Still, the Byrd Rule objections could be waived with 60 votes, meaning at least 19 Democrats would have to side with the Republicans to adopt the amendment.

Democrats are trying to avoid changing the reconcliation bill in the Senate — either through amendments or objectons under the Byrd Rule — so that it does not have to go back to the House for another contentious vote. Of all the amendments Republicans could propose, this is probably the most likely one to pick off the Democratic votes to pass. It’s a bit like the Republican motion to recommit that was offered to the health care bill in the House last night that sought to divide Democrats on the issue of abortion and sink the bill — even though many Democrats are going to want to vote for this, Democratic leaders are going to want to want to hold their caucus together against it for the sake of protecting the overall bill.


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  • justamick 03/22/2010 1:09pm

    Uh, yeah, absolutely! Every member of Government up to the President should be mandated to give up their policies! That is what a good leader does! Sets the example. Doubt it will happen but I’ve been proven wrong before.

  • oakleyguy007 03/22/2010 1:31pm

    Whoever said Obama is a good leader?

  • Comm_reply
    justamick 03/22/2010 1:44pm

    lol, some think he is. Some worship him as the second coming of Christ.

  • Comm_reply
    nmeagent 03/22/2010 3:21pm

    Or the third, after FDR.

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  • Comm_reply
    Godizincontrol 03/23/2010 4:13am

    Congress actually passed a 1900 page bill, with over 153 perks(bribes) to specific states/municipalities for their “yes” vote. I cannot believe that even Stupak fell to Obama’s false promises.

  • Tylene 03/22/2010 1:45pm

    I also agree that this health care bill is a joke—its not going to help us its going to break us - this is goingto be a bigger mess —just keep digging the US deeper and deeper into a hole before you know it we’re going to be the poor country —sent all illegal immergrants back wehre the came from and do away with this so called health reform —gives us americans a right to vote on this Bill lets us have our say in this matter --

  • Tylene 03/22/2010 1:49pm

    I do not support this health care bill as a lot of us do not - shame on you Mr President and the rest of you on the Hill-

  • Tylene 03/22/2010 1:55pm

    The goverment can not run and manage TennCare look at the shape its in — what makes them think they can handle our health care - You think your premuims are high now wait till you have to enroll for health coverage and see how much higher you will have to pay for your coverage -

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  • grneyesme44 03/22/2010 9:28pm

    I am very Sad today to think that our Civil Liberties are now going to be governed by this new health care reform bill if you PLEASE?!! that as an American Citizen i am now being told how & where to go for my health care provider?? are they can they do this to USA? i am currently UN- employed & like many without health care at this time i pay CASH AS I GO FOR IT !! haven’t asked for a dime of it back yet. that’s just how we do it here in main stream USA. you would be surprised how much cheaper health care is if you have CASH!!! grant you i WILL find a job!! with NO help from Government thus far…no not even a check for being UN employed my fault my problem! just thought some one ,may be in my boat as well

  • Jeansolean 03/22/2010 10:13pm

    This obamacare is a disaster! Very sad day indeed!

  • Jeansolean 03/22/2010 10:14pm

    This health care bill is a disaster! Very sad day indeed!

  • jameshelti1 03/22/2010 10:46pm
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  • BenjaWiz 03/22/2010 10:51pm

    I’m very angry and outraged this bill has passed what a great evil has been done with abortions being provided by tax payers on demand not to mention the fines the American people will have to pay Obama has got us in a big mess and everyone is gonna be taxed to the hills :(.

  • BenjaWiz 03/22/2010 10:54pm

    Obama doesn’t care that we have so much debt he’s not gonna have to pay for it he’s Wall St. not Main St people need to wake up..

  • Godizincontrol 03/23/2010 4:08am

    Grassley is on track. The people – representatives, cabinet, and the President should have to take the same insurance this bill provides. That includes their parents, those of their family with physical challenges, additional “fees”(taxes), etc. They need to pay into this system like the rest of us to cover the abortions and the massive staffing this bill requires.

    I really do think Obama is trying to not only mess this great nation up, but also try to divide it as much as possible. Hang tough Tea Party!

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