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March 25, 2010 - by Eric Naing

This could be it for health care. The Senate this morning voted 56-43 to pass the reconciliation fix to the health care bill (H.R.4872). Because of a minor adjustment made to the bill, it will now go back to the House for one more vote which is expected later tonight. After that, the messy, wonky, year-long journey health care has taken through Congress will basically be at an end. With health care wrapping up, stay tuned to OpenCongress for financial reform, immigration reform and probably more on health care reform. Also stay tuned for today’s edition of Congress Links:

  • Bill and Hillary Clinton, two names most closely associated with health care reform until now, have been conspicuously absent in this debate. Talking Points Memo looks at what they were up to behind the scenes. (Talking Points Memo)
  • Ezra Klein makes 11 very optimistic predictions about the long-term future of the health care law. (The Washington Post)
  • Ben Smith compares how Democrats are reacting to health care related threats to how then-candidate Obama dealt with similar threats in 2008. (Politico)
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced a revision to “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” making it more difficult to discharge someone under the policy. (The Wonk Room)
  • Rep. Mike Quigley [D-IL-5] and 17 other Republicans and Democrats have banded together to form the “Transparency Caucus” in Congress. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)




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