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April 8, 2010 - by Eric Naing

The to-do list awaiting lawmakers when the return to Washington next week continues to grow. The latest addition to the list is ratification of the new strategic arms reduction treaty with Russia. To ratify a treaty, at least 67 senators need to vote for it. Past arms reductions treaties have been overwhelmingly bipartisan affairs, but we’ll have to see whether this vote will follow suit. Anyway, here’s today’s edition of Congress Links:

  • For more on the new START treaty, check out this excellent overview from Fred Kaplan. (Slate)
  • A recent court ruling barring the Federal Communications Commission from enforcing net neutrality is already a big topic of debate. Check out this helpful rundown of the major players and how they reacted. (
  • Top Senate Republicans struggle with the logistics of repealing the individual mandate form the Affordable Care Act. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  • What happens when you combine federal campaign contribution data from and state data from You get the amazing Definitely check it out. (The Sunlight Foundation)
  • If you have the time, definitely read Ryam Grim and Arthur Delaney’s exhaustive look at the current state of progressives and the Democratic Party. (The Huffington Post)


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