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April 15, 2010 - by Eric Naing

It looks like the Senate could wrap up work on the unemployment benefits extension bill soon – maybe even today. And beyond that, things seem to be moving along on the issues of financial reform and climate change. Senate bills for both issues could drop as soon as next week and later this month respectively. For more on the world of D.C. politics, read today’s Congress Links:

  • The battle lines between the two parties on financial regulation are being drawn and the Democrats are feeling confident about their line of attack. (Talking Points Memo)
  • House Republicans want to release an updated Contract With America ahead of the midterm elections but some Republicans are fighting over whether the new contract should have specific policy promises or just general principles. (Politico)
  • No politician is safe from the tea party, not even three-term GOP Senator Bob Bennett [R, UT]. (The National Review)
  • Meanwhile, Bennett’s colleague, Sen. David Vitter [R, LA], is behind a push to delay the Environmental Protection Agency from reassessing the dangers of formaldehyde after Hurricane Katrina. (ProPublica)
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