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May 23, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

In an attempt to cover more Congressional news each day, I am going to be putting up daily posts that will be updated throughout the day with links to blog and news stories as they are breaking.

  • Monica Goodling, the former Director of Public Affairs for the United States Department of Justice, is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today. TPMmuckracker will be monitoring the testimony throughout the day, posting clips and updates. You can watch the testimony yourself on the House Judiciary Committee’s website.
  • “Ignoring a fresh veto threat from President Bush, the House on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved legislation that would allow the Justice Department to sue members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, under U.S. antitrust laws.” Full story here. Roll call details here. OpenCongress page for the bill here.
  • The Senate approved the Bingaman amendment to S.1348, the comprehensive immigration reform bill. The amendment would “cut the bill’s guestworker program in half, limiting it to 200,000 temporary visas annually, with no chance of an increase.” The roll call details of the vote are not yet available, but when they are, they will be here.
  • The Politico: the 110th is shaping up as “The Oversight Congress.”
  • S.1427, Hillary Clinton’s recently-introduced bill to “restore FEMA to an independent, Cabinet-level agency,” was rejected by two key senators at a hearing yesterday.
  • The Heritage Foundation issued a report outlining their least-favorite provisions of the path to citizenship plan in the comprehensive immigration reform bill that the Senate is currently debating.
  • “The House, eager to do something about record high gasoline prices in advance of the Memorial Day weekend, voted narrowly Wednesday to approve stiff penalties for those found guilty of gasoline price gouging.” Full story here. Roll call details here. OpenCongress page for the bill here.
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