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The Week Ahead

June 21, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

All eyes this week will be on the financial reform conference committee, which is scheduled to wrap up their negotiations by Thursday, and the Senate, which has been struggling for weeks to pass an unemployment insurance and tax extenders bill. The conference committee still has a couple of the most contentious issues facing it for debate this week, including Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s [D, AR] “no bailouts for derivatives” language and Sen. Dick Durbin’s [D, IL] amendment to give the Federal Reserve regulatory authority over debit card swap fees. In the full Senate, Democrats will be searching for some sort of solution to the stalled unemployment bill.

Meanwhile, here’s what will be happening in the House:

First Vote of the Week… Tuesday 6:00 p.m.
Last Vote Predicted… Friday p.m.

MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010

On Monday, the House will meet at 11:00 a.m. in pro forma session.

TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2010

On Tuesday, the House will meet at 12:30 p.m. for Morning Hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business with votes postponed until 6:00 p.m.

Suspensions (5 Bills)

  1. H.Con.Res. 288 – Supporting National Men’s Health Week (Rep. Cummings – Oversight and Government Reform)
  2. H.Res. 546 – Recognizing the historical significance of Juneteenth Independence Day, and expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that history should be regarded as a means for understanding the past and more effectively facing the challenges of the future (Rep. Davis (IL) – Oversight and Government Reform)
  3. H.Res. 1369 – Recognizing the significance of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month (Rep. Lee (CA) – Oversight and Government Reform)
  4. H.Res. 1407 – Supporting the goals and ideals of High-Performance Building Week (Rep. Biggert – Science and Technology)
  5. H.Res. 1388 – Supporting the goals and ideals of National Hurricane Preparedness Week (Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart – Science and Technology)


On Wednesday and Thursday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business.

Suspensions (12 Bills)

  1. H.R. 5551 – To require the Secretary of the Treasury to make a certification when making purchases under the Small Business Lending Fund Program (Reps. Kosmas/Driehaus – Financial Services)
  2. H.Res. 1434 – Recognizing National Homeownership Month and the importance of homeownership in the United States (Rep. Gary Miller – Financial Services)
  3. S. 2865 – Congressional Award Program Reauthorization Act (Sen. Lieberman – Education and Labor)
  4. H.Con.Res. 285 – Supporting the goals and ideals of designating 2010 as the Year of the Father (Rep. McMorris Rodgers – Education and Labor)
  5. H.Res. 1034 – Expressing support for designation of July 2010 as “Braille Literacy Month” (Rep. Sarbanes – Education and Labor)
  6. H.Res. 1373 – Expressing support for “National Physical Education and Sport Week” (Rep. Altmire – Education and Labor)
  7. H.R. 795 – Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act (Rep. Towns – Education and Labor)
  8. H.R. 3993 – Calling Card Consumer Protection Act (Rep. Engel – Energy and Commerce)
  9. H.Res. 1359 – Calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit held captive by Hamas (Rep. Ackerman – Foreign Affairs)
  10. H.Res. __ – Recognizing the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the United States-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security and expressing appreciation to the Government of Japan and the Japanese people for enhancing peace, prosperity, and security in the Asia-Pacific region (Rep. Ros-Lehtinen – Foreign Affairs)
  11. H.Res. __ – Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives on the one-year anniversary of the Government of Iran’s  manipulation of Iranian elections, on the Government of Iran’s continued denial of human rights and democracy to the people of Iran, and on the Government of Iran’s continued pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability (Rep. Costa – Foreign Affairs)
  12. H.Res. 1350 – Recognizing June 20, 2010, as World Refugee Day (Rep. Watson – Foreign Affairs)

H.R. 5175DISCLOSE Act (Rep. Van Hollen – House Administration) (Subject to a Rule)

Possible Further Action on H.R. 4899 – Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2010 (Rep. Obey – Appropriations) (Subject to a Rule)

Possible Consideration of the Conference Report on H.R. 2194 – Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (Rep. Berman – Foreign Affairs)

  •  Conference Reports may be brought up at any time.
  • Motions to go to Conference should they become available.
  • Possible Motions to Instruct Conferees.

And here’s what we know so far about the Senate’s plans for the week:

Monday — Convenes: 2:00pm

Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will proceed to a period of morning business until 5:15pm with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each and with no motions in order.

At 5:15pm, the Senate will proceed to Executive session and debate concurrently until 6pm, with the time equally divided and controlled between Senators Leahy and Sessions or their designees.

At 6pm, the Senate will proceed to vote on confirmation of the following nominations:

- Calendar #777 Mark Goldsmith, of Michigan, to be US District Judge for the Easter District of Michigan;
- Marc Treadwell, of Georgia, to be US District Judge for the Middle District;
- Josephine Tucker, of California, to be US District Judge for the Central District of California.

There will be 2 minutes for debate equally divided and controlled prior to each vote. Each vote after the first vote will be limited to 10 minutes in duration.

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  • dafish1 06/21/2010 9:43am

    I’m one of the many Americans that worked for 42 years and now my unemployment is cut off.I have to pay bills and only received 26 wks of compansation. I’ve been looking for jobs but nothing has come up yet.
    Please pass so other Unemployed / Vets can receive their payments….

  • Chris51 06/30/2010 7:09am

    • It’s the Republican party who is busy watching out for Wall Street/Corporations.
    Shame on Congress for not coming up with a solution for ALL its’ displaced hard working Americans.
    • 9.7% unemployed = 1.2 million Americans, and 55% of the workforce have taken reduced work hours, pay-cuts, unpaid leave, forced to switch to part-time. The BP Oil Corporation’s irresponsibleness is adding to lost jobs and lost lives.

    Yesterday, President Obama’s discussed what was happening with corporations, the economy, and the need to help the displaced unemployed. Watch his entire interview on CSPAN. He gets it.

    CNN and FOX only report on self-interested, with their main story and topics cycling 24 hours. Go to CSPAN


  • Comm_reply
    Chris51 06/30/2010 10:52pm

    The Senate needs to be held accountable for their incompetence and lack of integrity. Shame on them for not coming up with a 100% solution for all Americans who are forced to survive on their UI.

    President Obama can’t sign a bill, if Congress doesn’t get it to him. President Obama’s discussed the economy, and the need to help the displaced unemployed with UI Extentions on Monday and Tuesday. CSPAN.ORG

    As of today, we have 9.7% unemployed, 55% of the workforce have taken reduced work hours, pay-cuts, unpaid leave, forced to switch to part-time, and BP Oil Corporation’s IRRESPONSIBLENESS is adding to LOST JOBS and LOST LIVES.
    1.2 million who will lose their Unemployment Insurance if Republicans get their way.

    The GOP have no vested interest in hearing or helping jobless people. The only communication Republicans hear is $$$$$. That’s why they listen to and only support Oil Companies, Insurance Companies, Banks, Big Corporations, and Wall Street

  • Comm_reply
    Chris51 07/01/2010 9:45am

    Corporations have increased their cash reserves to $1.84 TRILLION, THE HIGHEST FIGURE IN HISTORY! Big business and the banks, after an unprecedented bailout by the public treasury, are hoarding the funds (Americans pay this back on their IRS tax bill). BIG CORPORATIONS EXECUTIVES ARE MAKING BIG BONUSES AND GETTING SALARY INCREASES FOR SHOWING HUGE PROFITS. The cash reserves of major corporations have jumped 26 percent in one year, the largest percentage increase in nearly 60 years. The cash reserves of working people, and particularly the unemployed, have not been so fortunate.

    REPUBLICANS bloc, the SENATE vote and defeat sevaral proposed extension of unemployment benefits for unemployed workers. Many of these same Senators rushed through a $700 BILLION bailout of Wall Street in 2008 in a matter of days, cannot bring itself to support even the most meager subsistence for the unemployed workers who are the victims, not the perpetrators, of the economic crisis.

  • Comm_reply
    Chris51 07/08/2010 7:25pm

    GOP are determined to bloc everything the President is trying to do for the USA right now. He has a vested interest, and seems to take pride in doing the best job he can while in office.
    We are in trouble as long as Republican politicians continue favoring their special interest.
    How can any CEO or Owner of business get anything done if half of his managers or executives stand in his way just to be defiant.

    President Obama speech on CSPAN today, while in Kansas City, MO to support a future candidate. Was right on.
    If you are an unemployed American, and are thinking no one understands the difficulties of being jobless. Obama speech articulated the financial and emotional struggles well. Hat’s off to the President for saying what needed to be said.

  • Comm_reply
    Chris51 07/08/2010 7:24pm

    Senator’s excuse for not passing is a false statement.
    Read all about it:
    The funding argument is even harder to swallow. I’d be more sympathetic with these new converts to fiscal responsibility if they were as enthusiastic about paying for extending $32 billion worth of special interest tax breaks as they are about funding the unemployment extension. If I understand correctly, these lawmakers insist that Congress fund every dime of added jobless aid, which nearly all analysts agree will help boost the economy. But they feel no need to pay for continuing these special interest tax breaks, which will not.
    Full Story:

  • Chris51 07/03/2010 10:10pm

    Why don’t our Senators get that there is a great need?

    The job market is broken.
    The corporate executives are not going to give up their year-end profit bonus by adding jobs/payroll to their companies.

    Here are a few stories on our jobless nation:

    Job recovery hits a wall

    Job gloom at all time high

    7.9 million jobs lost- many forever

    Jobless claims spike

    Thousands at risk for losing unemployment benefits

  • Chris51 07/10/2010 7:14am

    Republicans filibustered UI Ext bill! They’re asking for UI Ext be paid, while at the same time they’re fighting to give their Special Interest groups special tax stimulus. Rep are trying to look like they care about the deficit, but for 10 yrs (Bush Admin) they never spoke of concerns for the huge deficit they were digging us into as they approved large spending for Special Interest. The Rep debate on these UI Ext bills are like “broken record”. They want USA to use the stimulus money that is already committed to the agreed upon projects, programs, etc. Republicans want USA to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, so they can try to prolong the problem past November election. This is how they have operated for YEARS, and we’re in worse shape now because of their IRRESPONSIBLENESS. People should not be in Leadership positions if they cant make decision for the problems at hand.
    Dont take my word for it. Please read links Donny Shaw and others have provided with accurate research and reporting.

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