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House Rejects Stand-Alone Unemployment Insurance Bill

June 29, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

The House today failed to pass a stand-alone bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits (H.R. 5618). The final vote was 261-155. 277 votes (a 2/3rds majority of those present and voting) were needed under the suspension of the rules procedure that was used by the Democrats in order to avoid Republican obstruction tactics.

The full roll call details are not yet available online, but I will update this post with a link as soon as they are. Full roll call details can be found here.

Republicans opposed the bill because it’s costs, approximately $34 billion, were not offset with new revenue. Since the financial crisis of 2008, Congress has routinely passed UI extension bills without offsets because benefit payments to help the unemployed are considered “emergency spending” and are not subject to pay-as-you-go rules.

The bill that was rejected today would have extended UI benefit payments, which expired in late May, until November 30, 2010. Without the extension, some 1.7 million unemployed people will lose their payment by Jul 3. Benefits for the unemployed will continue to run out at a rate of about 200,000 per week until an extension is signed into law.

This leaves Democrats with basically two options for passing an unemployment insurance extension before the July 4 recess — find a revenue offset to pay for the costs that can pass through both the Senate and the House (which may be what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D, NV] is talking to Republicans about today on the Senate side), or try again in the House under normal rules and see if they can overcome Republican dilatory tactics and poison-pills to pass it with a simple majority.

UPDATE: Arthur Delaney at Huffington Post reports on the next step:

Bill cosponsor Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) said Democrats will return to the measure on Wednesday, when it will face a much lower simple-majority 219-vote threshold. “It will pass,” said Levin, who added that he is coordinating with his counterparts in the Senate.

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  • Comm_reply
    Revolution 06/29/2010 11:47am

    Desp-google and research: The Making Homes Affordable program. This is a federal program designed to assist unemployed homeowners and others to avoid foreclosure etc..there are alot of different pieces to assisting you but I would start there. Talk to your bank and ask them about the Federal assistance and modification programs as well…they would rather help you stay in your house if possible..but time is of the essence…call today and dont give up!

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 1:51pm

    revolution thank you so much for your help i appreciate it!! im already on a modification and was doing ok but when congress took a little while to make their decision in may for an extention i fell behind, and now theyre taking even longer this time around! i sure will look into other programs i certainly dont want to loose my house. thank you again revolution may God bless you!

  • Comm_reply
    Revolution 06/29/2010 12:03pm

    Making Homes Affordable Program –
    The modifications will focus on providing temporary relief for homeowners who are unemployed and provides special consideration for those homeowners who are “underwater” (i.e. mortgage loan balance is greater than the current value of the home).
    The program will attempt to accomplish these goals by:
    Providing financial incentives to lenders that cut the balance of the borrower’s mortgage loan (lenders to reduce principal owed on the loan if the amount of the loan is more than 15% more than the home’s current worth);
    To learn more about the Home Affordable Modification Program and see if you might qualify for a loan modification, visit or talk to your mortgage servicer.

  • Comm_reply
    tracyr 06/29/2010 6:33pm

    desperatentx I am so sorry to hear how difficult things are for you and your family as well as everyone else that is suffering right now. Regarding foreclosure I may be able to provide some resources for you to look at. I have been in real estate for a number of years and most recently due to the economy find myself trying to help people stay in their homes. While it is not always easy to fight foreclosure and WIN… depending on your loan type, how far the proceedings have gone, the state you live in, who your lender is, etc – you may have some options. Please please don’t pay anyone for loan modification or people that promise to help you save your home, you really can do it by yourself and it doesn’t cost a dime.I sent you a friend request and I would be glad to try and help. Just let me know.

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/30/2010 6:22am

    good morning tracyr…thank you so much for taking the time to read up on my comment and thank you for your message!!! i accepted your friendship but im not sure how to send you a message so i decided to send you one here. maybe if you send me one i’ll know how to reply…PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! i dont want to loose my home!

  • Comm_reply
    skrapper 06/30/2010 10:05am

    I can tell you that from the time the house goes into Foreclosure, You have 1 year to live in it. We filed Bankruptcy and the judges are telling people to stay in there home.
    Also President Obama made a law that if you don’t owe too much money you can Auction it, and keep the difference. Or if your upside down, you have the right to give the keys back to the Bank, and there is nothing they can do.
    In time they will contact you and ask you if you want to buy it at a reduced rate, but that’s a while, at least 6 months.
    They don’t want your house, it’s not worth anything to them.
    Hope this helps you some. skrapper.

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 11:21am

    im right there w/you georgeofthejungle. i call my mortgage company and sing the same song i know theyre sick of hearing me! im also facing foreclosure tweety65 says fight the foreclosure im going to see how i can do that maybe you should too!! everyone on here are in my prayers constantly!

  • Comm_reply
    illucy 06/29/2010 3:31pm

    The Making Homes Affordable Program is a sham.. I have never been late on my Mortgage… severly underwater. I have been scraping by every month paying this insane…interest only payment that will adjust in a few years to a payment level that I can’t pay. I talked to Bank Of America about this program to try and refi to a lower fixed interest rate… I was told Flat-Out I don’t qualify…. So now I’m trying to short sell my home because I can’t afford it.

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 4:49pm

    illucy sounds like we’re all on a sinking boat but lets just pray and hope for the best…God bless you!!

  • Comm_reply
    ohcraplookwhosincharge 06/29/2010 10:50am

    With this Monarchy, it seems that the only thing that would get their attention would be a mass suicide…..or mass looting and killing……which is all inevitable with the tactics they are using…….We should all stick to our families and be very careful of what is soon to be an uncomparable rise in the crime rate…..

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 2:05pm

    ohcraplookwhosincharge…i wonder if a mass suicide would really get their attention…ha they would love that im sure!!! yes lets stick together!!! God bless you!!!

  • Comm_reply
    lnicole74 06/29/2010 1:04pm

    Desperate, hold on…..Please don’t think that way…sometimes think get worst before they get better. This bill will pass, I believe it will…just hold strong…..please……things will work out……I’m praying we see some change by the end of the week.

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 1:57pm

    inicole thank you! im trying so hard to keep it together but here lately easier said than done…i keep thinking this is not me im stronger than this ive been single and was able to manage….when bill collectors are constantly wanting their money sometimes a person just breaks! thank you for praying i pray the same and i pray for each and every one of us i know im not an isolated case may God bless you and everyone else on here!!!

  • Comm_reply
    TheDutchess 06/29/2010 1:39pm

    Please don’t think like that. I am in the same boat with you. I lost my job in Oct08 and I have two kids, one in college and one in high school. I know exactly how you feel.I felt the same way you felt a few days ago while I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show. I mean really, do you (Orrin Hatch) really think that 1.2 million Americans are on drugs? Do you (Sharron Angle) really think that we are all lazy and would rather get $405 a week versus getting back to the lifestyle that we had? I wanted to kill myself. I have to applaud the Democrats for not giving up. They know that we are suffering and they are trying to get it through before the 4th. Keep your head up and think about your children. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. God Bless!

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 2:00pm

    thedutchess thank you for caring but i know you know exactly how i feel…wow you and i have been unemployed about the same amount of time…i lost my job nov 08…its not a good feeling. thank you again and may God bless you also!!!

  • Comm_reply
    emelysma 06/29/2010 2:56pm

    You know there is a tremendous amount of encouraging and supportive energy here. It is so refreshing and appreciated!! I plan to go to the link for signing the petition about passing the bill, and think the rest of you should too. We need to make our voices heard and, as hard as it may be to resist violence, we must do that and determine to be constructive and creative in our response to this callousness on the part of these weenies. I mean how incredibly lame can they be? We must be smarter, stronger and better than they are! Heck that can’t be too hard ;)!!

  • Comm_reply
    nuspirits 06/29/2010 2:17pm

    Your children can not take care of them selves and would you really want the state or government to take care of them for you if you are gone? Do not worry about these selfish shepherds because they will reap what they sew, and not by our hand. It will be by the Lord’s hand; He is watching and judging their hearts. Trust in the Lord and he will deliver you.

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 4:33pm

    nuspirits you are absolutely right and i thank you for your spiritual encouragement!! sometimes im not so sure about life…as a mother God chose me to love, defend, and provide for my children among other things and so i feel as if ive failed! and yes i MUST trust in the Lord!!!

  • Comm_reply
    emelysma 06/29/2010 2:46pm


    I have quite recently felt as you’re feeling. This whole experience of unemployment and searching unsuccessfully is SO demoralizing. Then to have the repubs and enough democrats not be in favor of this is just adding insult to injury. You do not deserve to feel ashamed for things that are so out of your control.

    Des know that from this moment forward YOU are in MY prayers. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you. You have already been so strong for your kids and yourself. You just have to continue to show them, to the best of your ability, how we cope…..a day at a time, an hour at a time or sometimes even a minute at a time.

    I imagine you are well versed at counting blessings……searching as far and wide as you’ve needed to. For starters…they have you, a strong woman/mom who loves them and you have them, your beautiful kids! Hold on to one another. Somehow we all will get through this.

    Hugs and prayers!!

  • Comm_reply
    desperatentx 06/29/2010 4:57pm

    emelysma thank you for understanding and for your spiritual encouragement and demoralizing doesnt even begin to tell how worthless i feel. you are so right i am the BEST mom my children could ever have and as a mother i was given the duty to love protect and provide for them along with other duties…i will continue to fight this battle w/God by my side i will not fail!!! God has blessed me and will continue to bless me! thank you for your prayers and you as well as everyone here who is suffering will be in mine! may God bless you always!!!

  • Comm_reply
    skrapper 06/30/2010 9:50am

    Trust me, it’s not worth it…. They “the Government” have been doing this for quite a few years already. People have been having to move back home with family. All of you remember this come election time, and let no Incumbent in.
    It will be our turn to throw them out. In the meantime if you loose everything “AND I DID!” Just remember they can be replaced. You or your children can not. Even if your house goes into Foreclosure, you still have 1 year to live in it, and they can’t do a thing about it. St. Vincent De Paul if in your area will pay your shut off notices for up to 1 year. Dial 211 and call the UNITED WAY! “IF AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA” They will help you with whatever they can. Just let them know what you need. That’s 211. paet1 of 2.

  • Comm_reply
    skrapper 06/30/2010 9:53am

    Don’t let them win there not worth it. All of you just starting to go threw this crap need to talk to someone like me that’s been through the loop holes
    and we can help with some advice. Even the Bankruptcy Judges are telling the people you have 1 year to stay in your house when foreclosure starts. Go ahead and stay in it, this is not your fault.
    These Politicians are buying up the Properties through Real Estate, and Auctions,
    Keep that in mind, part 2 of 2.

  • indimom2010 06/29/2010 10:27am

    Hopefully they can work this out….to come up with a solution today.

  • Comm_reply
    Chris51 06/29/2010 11:02am

    President Obama gets it. The GOP who is busy watching out for Wall Street/Corporations. Shame on Congress for not coming up with a solution for all its displaced hard working americans.

    Watch President Obama discussion on this earlier today, go to CSPAN.

    Then go to

  • CitizenG 06/29/2010 10:30am

    This is what it feels like to not matter. We are collateral damage. Our lives do not matter to our government. So what would you like to do now people? I have some ideas that don’t require our elected leaders approval……….

  • Comm_reply
    gordon2874 06/29/2010 10:51am

    since nov is the time for our so called sentors that suppose to help us, there seat is up and nov they will be looking for our votes to get reelected. well i think it time for all of us americans make a stand to vote them guys out and bring in new people that willing to help the american people. this is nonsense that past a unemployment extender bill. there just going to put us back where we started 2 yrs time people start calling there sentors and call obamas hotline so our fellow americans can surive and pay there bills.

  • odiolasgalletas 06/29/2010 10:33am

    Can we organize sit ins in these elected official’s offices? I’m here in the District, anyone else?

  • downandout 06/29/2010 10:33am

    I simply cannot believe this. I watched the vote on c-span and was amazed. If the House cannot pass this, what hope do we have for in the Senate. We MUST have this passed and signed by the President before Congress can go home for their long weekend. We deserve better. I have aways loved my country but am now ASHAMED by the way we are treated. We have worked all of our lives and get kicked to the curb in our time of need, while every war, bail-out and other “emergency” bill passes with no problem. Congress, wake up or we, the people may just vote EVERYONE who is an encumbent(Dem or Repub) out of office in November.

  • Comm_reply
    mikes1lakerfan 06/29/2010 10:40am

    IT’s not just for a long weekend when the house goes into recess. The house doesn’t resumes until july 12. They have next week off.

  • Comm_reply
    Dpol47847 06/29/2010 4:39pm

    I agrr with you downandout we should vote out every ( DEM AND REPUB ) who voted against this Bill. We need People who will lookout for the american people not wallstreet, the big banks and not out to line their own pockets at the american peoples exprnse.

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