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Congress Links - Weekend Edition

June 1, 2007 - by Donny Shaw
  • “The Senate and House Intelligence Committees are asking former attorney general John Ashcroft to testify about a March 2004 hospital-room confrontation during which he refused to sign off on a continuation of President Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping program, according to congressional and administration sources.” – Newsweek
  • A new study from the Washington Post shows that, during the five months that the 110th Congress has been in session, House Democrats have displayed an unprecedented amount of voting unity.
  • Good news: The Office of Management and Budget (the OMB) will be creating a publicly-available database of all earmarks in the 2008 budget. They sent out a memo yesterday outlining the information they will need from federal agencies. – via OMB Watch.
  • What’s McConnell Hiding? – The Sunlight Foundation has launched a new campaign aimed at revealing which Republican senator is responsible for anonymously blocking S.223, a bill that would increase transparency by requiring senators to file their campaign finance reforms electronically.
  • “Congress next week is expected to send to President Bush Senate-approved legislation (S 5) that would allow federal funding for research using stem cells derived from human embryos originally created for fertility treatments and willingly donated by patients.” – Kaiser Network. Learn more about the bill here.
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