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The Week Ahead in Congress

July 12, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

As Congress returns from their week-long vacation this afternoon, all the big items on the Democrats’ legislative agenda remain stuck in the Senate where the Democrats are one vote short of overcoming Republican filibusters due to the passing of Sen. Robert Byrd [D, WV].

Senate Democrats have 59 votes right now for the two big bills they are trying to finish up, the bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and the financial reform bill, but they are both being filibustered by the Republicans and it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster. Because of that, they will stay on hold for at least the first part of the week as the Democrats wait for West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin to appoint an interim replacement for Byrd and provide them with the 60th vote. Manchin said on Friday that he would not appoint a replacement until after the West Virginia state legislature meets in a special session that has been called for on Thursday, July 15, to vote on a clarification of the state’s law on filling vacant Senate seats.

But it’s still possible that a Byrd replacement will come earlier than Thursday. On Saturday Manchin told Politico that he was meeting with election attorneys over the weekend who would give him “all the pros and cons” on appointing a replacement earlier in the week versus waiting until after the July 15th legislative session. Once Manchin names his replacement, the unemployment insurance bill will still have to jump through several procedural hurdles, which I have outlined in this previous post. The financial reform bill, on the other hand, is in the form of a conference report, which is “privileged,” and will be able to pass a little more quickly.

Anyways, all of that is on hold for now. Please keep checking back in with us here, or at Twitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, here’s what is scheduled to come to the floor this week in the House:

First Vote of the Week… Tuesday 6:00 p.m.
Last Vote Predicted… Friday p.m.

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010

On Monday, the House is not in session.

TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010

On Tuesday, the House will meet at 2:00 p.m. for legislative business with votes postponed until 6:00 p.m.

Suspensions (10 Bills)

  1. H.R. 3923 – Sugar Loaf Fire Protection District Land Exchange Act (Rep. Polis – Natural Resources)
  2. H.R. 3967 – To amend the National Great Black Americans Commemoration Act of 2004 to authorize appropriations through fiscal year 2015 (Rep. Cummings – Natural Resources)
  3. H.R. 4514 – Colonel Charles Young Home Study Act (Rep. Clay – Natural Resources)
  4. H.R. 4686 – Rota Cultural and Natural Resources Study Act (Rep. Sablan – Natural Resources)
  5. H.R. 4438 – San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Leasing and Boundary Expansion Act of 2010 (Rep. Rodriguez – Natural Resources)
  6. H.R. 3989 – Heart Mountain Relocation Center Study Act of 2009 (Rep. Lummis – Natural Resources)
  7. H.R. 4773 – Fort Pulaski National Monument Lease Authorization Act (Rep. Kingston – Natural Resources)
  8. H.R. 689 – Shasta-Trinity National Forest Administrative Jurisdiction Transfer Act (Rep. Herger – Natural Resources)
  9. H.R. 4973 – National Wildlife Refuge Volunteer Improvement Act of 2010 (Rep. Kratovil – Natural Resources)
  10. H.R. 2864 – To amend the Hydrographic Services Improvement Act of 1998 to authorize funds to acquire hydrographic data and provide hydrographic services specific to the Arctic for safe navigation, delineating the United States extended continental shelf, and the monitoring and description of coastal changes (Rep. Young (AK) – Natural Resources)


On Wednesday and Thursday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business.

Suspensions (6 Bills)

  1. S. 1508 – Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010 (Sen. Carper – Oversight and Government Reform)
  2. H.R. 5390 – To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 13301 Smith Road in Cleveland, Ohio, as the “David John Donafee Post Office Building” (Rep. Kucinich – Oversight and Government Reform)
  3. H.R. 4840 – An act to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1981 Cleveland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio, as the “Clarence D. Lumpkin Post Office” (Rep. Tiberi – Oversight and Government Reform)
  4. H.R. 5450 – To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 3894 Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, as the “Tom Bradley Post Office Building” (Rep. Watson – Oversight and Government Reform)
  5. H.R. __ – To provide for certain clarifications and extensions under Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (Rep. Levin – Ways and Means)
  6. H.J.Res. 83 – Approving the renewal of import restrictions contained in the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 (Rep. Crowley – Ways and Means)

H.R. 1722 – Telework Improvements Act (Rep. Sarbanes – Oversight and Government Reform) (Subject to a Rule)

H.R. 5114 – Flood Insurance Reform Priorities Act of 2010 (Rep. Waters – Financial Services) (Subject to a Rule)


  • Conference Reports may be brought up at any time.
  • Motions to go to Conference should they become available.
  • Possible Motions to Instruct Conferees.

  • And here’s what we know about the Senate’s schedule so far (updates will show up here when they are posted):

    Monday, July 12 — Convenes: 2:00pm Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will proceed to a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each. Senators should expect a roll call vote at approximately 5:30pm on confirmation of a judge.

    As always, the crew at Congress Matters has the full committee schedule for the week.

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    • NeedJobs 07/12/2010 6:12am

      Thanks for the updates Donny.

    • Comm_reply
      bobbybixler 07/13/2010 5:44am

      Hi all! Don’t get discouraged. Manchin has to play it cool, because of the pay-to-play scandal Blago created. Manchin wants the seat himself (he said so), and needs the lobbyists and special interests behind him—that takes time. Once all the compromises and political wrangling are made, the person will be appointed, and the bill will pass. Might take a month though. Make sure you all continue to report to your unemployment offices as usual. That will make it easier to collect when the time comes. I’m remaining confident that Manchin can get what he wants to support his lifestyle and future political direction, and remember even if the vote comes a month from now, you will still get your extention money presently denied. Rather than talk ill of the guy, just hope there is enough political extortion behind him to get this to work for him. Because he has vowed to make it work as long as he gets a chance to get elected to the seat himself later this year.

    • Moderated Comment

    • desperatentx 07/12/2010 8:04am

      we’ve waited for the 12th of july and here we are as broke as we were yesterday i know i need to be patient but come on seriously how much longer do these people think we can wait? im hanging by a thread with my sanity and really would much rather end it all!!! lets get this show on the road i have bills to pay and children to feed!! make this priority TODAY!!!!! call some kind of an emergency meeting hell i dont know just get the ball rolling NOW!!!!!!!

    • Comm_reply
      lmclinden18302 07/12/2010 11:03am

      I called Manchin’s office and asked if I could bring my kids to his house for dinner> His number is 1-888-438-2731> Maybe if enough people call he will get the idea. he is going to appoint someone anyway, why wait.

    • Comm_reply
      desperatentx 07/12/2010 2:25pm

      hey good idea!!! thats what i will do thanks for the number!!!!

    • seanurse 07/12/2010 8:46am


    • Reader12 07/12/2010 8:47am

      hopefully this week………..

    • cgvetintx 07/12/2010 8:49am

      I got a fillabuster for you. I’m Gonna bust a move on your heads if you don’t get your asses in gear and pass this bill!

    • firestorm145 07/12/2010 8:59am

      I was just on c-span. They are talking about Haiti. What about the americans that have lost everything? Americans should come first and I am not being mean about it. We need help here in america first deal with us then haiti. Protest now We need the unemployment extension to go through immediately. Come on senate push this through. People are dying because you are sitting on your butts.

    • nuspirits 07/12/2010 9:08am

      HELP THE AMERICANS! My husband made enough to support our small family of 3 while I went back to school for herbal medicine and in the process built a website to start a small business. Life “was” good with his income alone as a skilled tradesmen with hopes that my small business would take off soon. (The American Dream..right? Work hard for what you get?) There is now no work for the “American Tradesmen”, just for those who “do the jobs that Americans apparently do not want to do”. I have been a stay at home mom/ student for about 2 years and now I need to go back to work and there is no one to hire me. Everything we worked so hard to get along with our future plans are about to go down the drain. CREATE THE JOBS! We want work..not hand-outs like you think! The voters need HELP with the basics! Trust me..there are millions of “Unemployed Americans” who will be more than happy to do the construction jobs that most of the illegals seem to be getting quite easily.

    • comments5647 07/12/2010 9:08am

      I am an unemployed conservative republican who will not vote Republican in November. I was patient hoping the Republicans who supported George Bush’s unemployment extension requests would NOT play politics with such an important issue like whether or not traditionally hard working mother’s can buy milk for their children and keep roofs over their heads. The Republicans in this congress aught to be ashamed!!! I will not vote for Kay Bailey Hutchison or John Cornyn or Kay Granger if they cannot see it in their hearts to understand the huge number of unemployment constituents who will NOT make it through their indecision!!! I am finished I am done as a Republican!!! I won’t vote for a Democrat who supports abortion either but the Republican party has lost my vote and trust me I WILL VOTE in November!!! I just hope all of the rest of the unemployed Texans join me to support a candidate who supports us their constituents. Lets see how the Republicans feel on unemployment!!!

    • Reader12 07/12/2010 9:09am

      I’ve been somewhat lucky I’ve gotten some Census work in my area but that is only going to last another two weeks at best. Then I get the boot.
      This week I get to interview at the place that laid me off last year, to compete for a job lasting another couple of months.
      If employers actually invested in people and had to hire people outright instead of armies of temps maybe the economy would be in better shape, no?

    • Reader12 07/12/2010 9:12am

      btw many Republicans are on record saying they support this extension, they just claim they want the cost offset.
      They havent seemed to care about offsetting anything else in the past, especially war funding, just this for some reason.

    • nuspirits 07/12/2010 9:14am

      TRUE!!! That is their loop hole in not providing health benefits too.

    • Comm_reply
      nuspirits 07/12/2010 9:16am

      my comment is in response to Reader12

    • Kerlynne 07/12/2010 9:38am

      nothing is going to happen on the UI bill till sometime next week, let’s be realistic. They don’t care enough to pin point the unemployed but they want to pass a bill that will make July 31 offically DANCE DAY……. what a bunch of wussys

    • Reader12 07/12/2010 9:48am

      companies nowadays are laying off wil-nil and hiring temps and offshoring to make bigger profits and we pay. that is the ‘cancer’ that needs to be addressed.

      these same Republicans who vote against the extension are the same ones who voted against the Free Choice Act, which would probably would have resulted in me never being unemployed in the first place.

      I’m not fooled. whatever bull they say on MSNBC they just represent rich corporate interests and not me, period!

    • buddyg1 07/12/2010 10:00am

      As if finding a job in this recession (depression) is not difficult enough, the senators voting against this bill appear to believe one can operate just as optimally in competition for employment with sleep deprivation from worry about losing your home, feeding your family, and your own malnourishment from lack of ability to eat adequately.

    • fdenised 07/12/2010 10:18am

      Watching these people is like watching school kids blaming each other. All they do is thr rebulicans want this the democrats did this. Stop acting like stupid brats and pass the unemployment extension that people need now. When other countries need help you jump to help like stinl on POOP.

    • LH49221 07/12/2010 10:34am

      As stated in the article above, until Governor Manchin names a replacement for Senator Byrd, no vote for extension will take place.

    • pscoley1 07/12/2010 10:45am

      I find it unbelievable that after a week long relaxing vacation these guys still don’t get it! My family didn’t get to see fireworks or have even a simple bbq.. You people disgust me! I have rent due in 2 weeks and insurance payments.. I have lost my home, my job, and now you’ve taken the last hope I have… Where is Obama’s “Fierce urgency of NOW” … Oh that was just a speach thats right

    • FrankZaz 07/12/2010 11:03am

      if anything Manchin needs to do his duty and appoint someone else (Dem.) to fill Sen. Birds seat, now not later. Whats wrong with these people, dont they see how important this is to millions of unemployed americans, I think they do see it, but what do they care right? they have food on their table, and they dont need to worry about paying their bills, because as tax payers we pay their salary, and in turn their bills,and this is the thanks we get, and appreciation, we all need to remmember all these individuals who voted against the unemployment extension bill, and also those who slow played it, like Sen. Manchin is doing it, but he’ll get to it when he feels like it. we do have the power to vote them out of office when the time comes, and vote someone else in their seats, and if they dont do their job right for the people either, then we’ll vote them out also, we need to make them understand that we as voters decside if they stay or lieave, its about time that we as voters do right.

    • lmclinden18302 07/12/2010 11:06am

      Call Manchin at 1-888-438-2731>

    • jakj1 07/12/2010 11:31am

      Just saw on the Fox News ticker where Manchin is going to appoint a temporary Senator by this coming Sunday.

    • jakj1 07/12/2010 11:37am

      I have been trying to get into this site for weeks and am now able to post. I have emailed Obama, Manchin, and anyone else I could think of. Manchin will be committing political suicide if he holds this appointment up. And as far a Congress goes history is remembered and unless they do the right thing there inactions will leave a scar on history that know one will ever forget. My son is in Iraq for his 8th tour, he has put 2 tours in Afganistan. He knows whats going on with regards to the unemployment being cut off and what congress is not doing to help the American unemployed which inlcudes me his dad. He said it made him sick to his stomach to be fighting for his country when the country he is representing in battle will not even stand up for its own people. He will not be re-enlisting next time around. He sends us some money to help but we will not use it. I am not using a soldiers money when he is fighting a bigger battle than we are.

    • jakj1 07/12/2010 11:39am

      Obama should be ashamed of himself to! I have contacted the White House on 2 seperate occassions asking about unemployment and both times I have gotten a email back talking about everything but unemployment. That tells me that it is just a standard email reponse that thousands of people get. I hope congress enjoyed there vacation and hope they understand that some in congress come November will be receivig a longer vacation than they expected! I hate politics and dont get involved a lot, but you assholes in congress that are starving millions of people in the USA get ready to pack your bags because Im getting involved now and I will not rest until your out of office and your looking for a job! Good luck because McDonalds will not even want you working for them. So start selling your fancy cars, and houses cause the American people are comming for your job!

    • bingabrown 07/12/2010 11:45am

      I have never before been so directly hurt by the actions of a few people. Manchin wants to be senator, and he wants a special election this year because it improves his chances, but he is apparently not willing to rush an interim appointment to help get the UI bill passed, and help millions of people. Clearly he is putting his own interests above millions of others, and that he is doing it so obviously is an indication that he is not fit to be a senator. He is hurting a lot of other people, but he’s also hurting his own party, and I think his potential future colleagues should remind him of that. I would be happy to go door-to-door in West Virginia and help campaign for his opponent.

    • buddyg1 07/12/2010 11:46am

      jakj1 … Thank you for the sacrifice of your family being separated. While we wait for help, please let your son know how thankful I am for his service. He shines so far and above our congress.

    • Comm_reply
      jakj1 07/12/2010 12:05pm

      Thank you, he knows most of the American people support our troops but he can’t stand working for someone who wont help there own! He notes that when there is trouble anywhere in the world the USA is the first to stand and raise its hand and send assistance, but when there are over 2 million Americans in trouble he wont work for anyone who looks away! Especially with the amount of children that are now going hungry because his bosses wont help!! God Bless Our Troops as they dont know or fully understand why they are fighting in another foregin country and feel they they should be home fighting the battle in there own country. Feed the hungry children, helping the homeless, and the list goes on.

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