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July 29, 2010 - by David Moore

Congress Links for Thursday, July 29th – to be continually updated over the day.


  • Rep. Charlie Rangel [D-NY-15] appears to have cut a deal with the House Ethics Committee, which will allow him to avoid a potentially damaging trial. (CBS)
  • House Minority Leader John Boehner [R-OH-8] is stepping up his fundraising efforts for the midterm elections, in part by promising close access for high donors. (Politico)
  • House Republican leaders are attacking a new bill, H.R. 847, which would extend further government support to 9/11 responders, calling it a “massive new entitlement program” (Politico)
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has announced that he is considering trying to have the Constitution changed to deny citizenship to children born to illegal immigrant.  (SC Politics Today)
  • The WSJ reports that Congress appears gridlocked over the question of whether to extend the Bush era tax cuts, and predicts that the issue will not be addressed until after the election. (Wall Street Journal)

Updates I:

  • Talking Points Memo (TPM) reports that the House Ethics Committee Announced 13 charges against Rep. Charlie Rangel [D-NY-15]; earlier reports had indicated that Rangel had already reached a deal with the Committee.  (TPM)
  • The Washington Post reports that four Republicans have expressed support for Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan, despite top Republicans’ opposition; Democrats already have enough votes to confirm Kagan. (The Washington Post)

Links assembled by OC Research Assistants. Photo of President Obama meeting with bipartisan Congressional leadership this past Tuesday via our data partners Daylife. Question & comments welcome: writeus[at]

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