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Put Some Facts In a Friend's Mailbox

October 25, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

Know anyone who’s still undecided about how to vote in a Senate or House race? Help them make a smart decision by using the Sunlight Foundation’s new Influence Explorer Postcard tool to send them (via USPS) some unbiased information about who’s funding the candidates’ campaigns and who they might owe their allegiance to if elected to Congress. With the unprecedented amount of corporate and special-interest money being spent this election on misleading voters about candidates’ positions and records, voters need all the help they can get to find actual facts. Sending a postcard with Influence Explorer is simple. Just select the House or Senate race you want, choose which candidate or candidates you want to display on the postcard, enter a mailing address, an optional personal message, and click send. It costs $2, which you can pay quickly and easily with an Amazon account.

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