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PPF Co-Signs Letter in Support of Transparency Funding

March 29, 2011 - by Donny Shaw

As Congress comes back into session this afternoon to find a way to keep the government up and running, one of the cuts on the table will be the $34-million e-government fund, which finances the federal cloud computing initiative,, and, among other things. If Congress cares about making federal spending more transparent while creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and making the federal agencies more efficient, they’ll restore funding for e-government and ensure that these programs stay alive.

We’re happy to have added the Participatory Politics Foundation to an open letter from the Sunlight Foundation calling on House Republicans put the e-government funding back into the continuing resolution for the rest of the fiscal year. More than anything else the government spends money on, the e-government fund has the potential to improve society in profound and unpredictable ways. And it’s relatively cheap — like I said last week, a full year of e-gov costs just one-third of one day of missile attacks in Libya. If you care about keeping the e-gov fund alive, add your name/organization in the comments here and ask your members of Congress to restore full funding for the e-government fund in the FY 2011 continuing resolution and to make the fund a priority in future budgets.


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  • pjmerc 03/29/2011 9:09am

    Oddly enough, the government has in its hands a great method of streamlining itself. I have already contacted my representatives to inform them of the value of the e-government fund. This is one program that I have no problem getting behind, because it is so useful not only to the government, but to the citizens as well. Please keep this program.

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