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Read the Bill -- GOP Stopgap Now Available for Public Review

April 5, 2011 - by Donny Shaw

The House Republicans’ latest stopgap is now online at OpenCongress for you to read, mark up, and create custom, section-specific links to so you can have a more detailed discussions of it online:

H.R.1363 – Making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2011, and for other purposes.

The full legislative text is here. Mouse over any chunk of text to add an in-line comment or create a custom permalink to that section that you can use to point others to it. If this bill gets a vote, it will happen sometime before the end of the day Thursday. With the massive amount of program cuts in this bill it’s important that the public works together now to review it and find out what it would do before it’s rushed to a vote. If you find something that you think might be worth noting, leave a comment to mark it and it will be filtered up to the list of most-commented-on provisions for others to find and review. We’ll be highlighting the most noted provisions on this blog as well.

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  • debj 04/05/2011 9:27am

    As fellow citizens of the United States (?), I challenge every member of Congress, the President and every Supreme Court Justice to donate any pay they receive during any shut-down of government offices to private charities or individuals of their choice. I also challenge them to announce their intention to do so and the completion of the same.

  • J9007 04/06/2011 8:21am

    What is notwithstanding section 101? Thank for having the bill published for all to read.

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