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Replacing Libya WIthdrawal Resolution With "Disapproval"

June 2, 2011 - by Donny Shaw

Yesterday, House Republican leadership pulled Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s [D, OH-10] resolution forcing an end to U.S. involvement in Libya from the floor after it became clear that it may have actually passed. The Republicans either don’t want to give Kucinich a win, or they don’t actually want to get in the way of the expansion of presidential war authority. They do, however, want to take the opportunity to embarrass Obama. And they want to at least appear to defend Congress’ constitutional role as the sole war-declaring power. So they’re in a bit of a pickle. 

Is this new resolution from Rep. Michael Turner [R, OH-3] the solution?:

A Republican congressman, joined by dozens more Republican co-sponsors, has introduced a resolution expressing “disapproval” of U.S. military operations in Libya — another sign of growing discontent with that campaign on Capitol Hill.

The resolution from Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio) would allow the House to state simply that it “does not approve” of the Libya operation. […]

The bill is less drastic than one from Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio), which had gained surprising bipartisan support before the House’s GOP leaders abruptly shelved it Wednesday. The Kucinich bill, if it passed, would have demanded that President Obama remove U.S. forces from Libya within 15 days.

If the Republicans’ choose this route, they can rebuke Obama without actually doing anything to end U.S. military action in Libya or rein in the ever-expanding imperial behavior of U.S. Presidents when it comes to making war. Perfect?

UPDATE: Looks like they may not even go with this disapproval resolution. Leadership is drafting an approval resolution and will no doubt be twisting arms heavy to get it passed:

Congressional officials say the House Republican leadership is crafting legislation allowing the U.S. military to continue participating in the NATO-led operation against Libya.

The measure would be an alternative to anti-war Democrat Dennis Kucinich’s proposal to end U.S. involvement. And it would set up House members for a potential political tug-of-war, even as dozens of their own yearn for precisely that kind of showdown with President Barack Obama.

A vote on the issue was postponed on Wednesday, and officials in both parties said it was because Kucinich’s legislation was gaining ground.

Details of the alternative were still being worked out. The leadership plans to discuss it with rank and file at a meeting later Thursday.

Rep. Turner is pictured above. 

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