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Corruption. Bribery. That's what the whole system is.

November 7, 2011 - by Donny Shaw

Last night, 60 Minutes aired an interview with former lobbyist Jack Abramoff that describes just how deeply and systemically corrupt the lawmaking process in Washington D.C. is. Here’s the sad, sad truth about Congress, straight from the horse’s mouth:

As Abramoff says, the culture of corruption in Congress hasn’t been cleaned up in the 5 years since he was prosecuted. The ethics reforms passed by Congress since then are cosmetic-only, and chock full of loopholes. They’re “faux” reforms, as Abramoff says. Probably the only meaningful progress to come from this is the “read the bill” ethos, and that’s a citizen-lead effort in opposition to Congress outsourcing their work to lobbyists and their unwillingness to legislate in a transparent manner.

Abramoff’s reform suggestion: end the revolving door between Congress and private interests by passing a law that bans anyone who works for Congress from ever working as a lobbyist. That’s a good call, as research clearly shows that connections between K Street and Congress have a profound impact on legislation.

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