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Take the 12-Q OC User Survey

March 2, 2012 - by David Moore

OpenCongress is working with Brady Ambler, a volunteer digital researcher here in NYC, on a user survey to help improve our site as a free public service. (Though I think it may ultimately prove hard to improve upon my “#systemiccorruption” hashtag styles on the micropublishing service. But that’s why one conducts rigorous surveys… to build on hunches, n’est-ce pas?) 

It’s 12 questions, so should take just ten minutes at most, and respondents are entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card from Brady. Head over to Survey Monkey to run ’er down.

Of course befitting our radical transparency for the public interest we’ll share the results and use them to improve our Blogging to make Congress more accessible, but you already presumed that. Since 2007 (!) we’ve offered free & libre Web tools for tracking & engaging with the U.S. Congress, so we’ve been in the game a while now, you likely know we’re a friendly crew – but did you know how tiny we are? Perhaps no. 

While I’m typing I won’t miss the opportunity to refer you to the fascinating array of public-benefit, open-source Web resources we seek to build with additional charitable funding support- check out PPF’s non-profit funding prospectus to look where we’re headed. Or aiming to head.

But first help Brady help us help you. E.g., “7. Are you currently signed-up for any recurring donation programs with a non-profit organization?” Actually quite important for us to know, as we look ahead to the near-term. 

(At right: Survey saysbig bucks no whammies. I know the ’80’s babies reading along feel me.) 

What else is good. To surf along with what we’re tracking, we recommend the lists feature on a popular micropublishing service: 

… questions? Hit us up: david at 


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