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Affordable Health Care Act under SCOTUS review

March 26, 2012 - by David Moore

(Ed. – re-upping this from last week Monday.) You’ve likely heard that SCOTUS is reviewing H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, i.e. the major health-care reform bill from the previous 111th U.S. Congress that was signed into law March 22nd, 2010. Full bill text (including most-commented sections), roll call results, money trail, news & blog coverage, public comments. Previous versions of health-care reform legislation have been among the most-voted-on bills of all-time on OC by our user community – i.e., it’s a hot issue. 

Donny wrote background on #hcr & individual mandate in April 2010. More OC blog posts on Affordable Care Act. The relatively-under-appreciated (in my opinion) Memeorandum has the wide-ranging overview from blogs & news around the Webnet; the must-read-every-day Wonkblog by Ezra Klein et al chez WaPo brings (as expected & appreciated & admired) the accessible primer: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About #hcr & SCOTUS. Man oh man does Ezra’s team ever do quality research & writing, every day, it’s vital. 

Updates TK later today. NPR of course had some good pieces on it, incl. this morning w/ their esteemed SCOTUS correspondent Nina Totenberg & health-care correpsondent Julie Rovner et al. Gonna wade back into the Up With Chris archives on MSNBC to find more robust, cited, reality-based discussion of the issues (if you have a nicely relevant link handy, hit me up: david at opencongress dot org). The great, great Linda Greenhouse of the NYT is about to be on Brian Lehrer, big ups WNYC.

Hey, new viral social media startup UpWorthy launched! More to come on that. Check it out, worthy project.

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