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New Tech, Renewed Trust and a Less Lunatic Political Process

October 12, 2012 - by David Moore

I’m pleased to have a new blog post up on Philanthropy NY’s site, following up on last month’s panel discussion on tech tools for a stronger democracy.

In today’s essay, I first invoke friend-of-PPF Chris ‘Hayza’ Hayes’ analysis from his important new book, Twilight of the Elites, on elite failure and the effects of historically-terribly-unbelievably-plummeting public trust in contemporary American political process. (Pictured at right, Hayza of Up with Chris).

Next I lay out, broadly, how Hayes’ theory fits with PPF’s founding non-profit mission: technology for increased civic engagement; continual, reciprocal communication with government at all levels for a more participatory (and trustworthy) democratic process. 

After citing our work on OpenCongress & OpenGovernment, I close by looking ahead to two areas of interest for future PPF free & open-source & not-for-profit projects: GitLaw & Liquid Democracy. Along the way I get real, real riled-up (specifically at the lunatic nature & structural impediments of our systemically-corrupted representative democracy in the American republic), as is my custom.

Please read & share & send me feedback on the post - here’s a micropublishing update to handily RT, if you’re into that – thank you to Philanthropy NY for the opportunity to build on the issues raised in our event.

More about where PPF is heading in our fundraising prospectus – charitable foundations, PPF is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization urgently seeking funding support for the above-mentioned public-benefit projects. Please be in touch to discuss, I’m david at, we’re easy to reach & eager to chat. Hey, Chris Hayes thinks it’s important (see his quotes). 

(Last, here’s the streaming online video of the #PNYevent, with my section discussing OpenCongress beginning about 21:40 in. Background and fellow presenter info, cool.)

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