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December 10, 2012 - by David Moore

I spend a fair amount of time on the Twitter micropublishing service, sharing links & ideas – to follow along, just click “subscribe” in the left-hand sidebar: 

  • #opengov list – 125 members, mostly gov’t transparency & civic engagement & non-profit news & innovation. E.g. @digiphile. Maybe could split out #opengov allies & prominent thought leaders.
  • federal budget list – 15 members, mostly #realitybased economics, #finreg efforts & media-discourse-correctives. E.g. Dean Baker

…happy to subscribe to suggested lists, get at me, @ppolitics.

Oh also it would be beneficial if open standards for microblogging were more user-friendly… Ping is now Seesmic is now Hootsuite Pro or something? Baffling. Maybe there’s an effortless solution to push updates from Twitter to, but it’s not clear from the latter’s FAQ that such exists. Still, is great, glad it exists – hopefully open standards will win in other social media & networking cases.

(Image from Flickr user adlpated. Background: Bloom County, one of the reasons I care about politics.)


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