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#SoTU 2013

February 12, 2013 - by David Moore

For updates on the State of the Union tonight, probably best-practice is to follow along with our lists on the micropublishing service :: 

  • #opengov & civic engagement & open-data leaders 

For video background see last Sunday’s edition of ‘Up with Chris Hayes’, the most substantive & empirically-accountable news show on cable TV. A lot of people prefer the popular social networking service, we keep a beachhead there too. 

My thoughts: so much time will be spent live-updating the #SoTU tonight over social media. Sharing jokes & links & info is admirable. But it’s fundamentally, frustratingly impotent – the financial services lobbyists aren’t changing their behavior because of any of our Facebook networks. Corporate campaign contributions still influence elections, districting, and governing at the state and federal levels.

It’s 2013 and the American public at large still lacks powerful, widespread tools for accountability in #Congress – and the comprehensive electoral reforms that would make the political rhetoric from an event like the #SoTU more actionable. There’s so much technology & infrastructure to build, and I’m optimistic it will get built eventually, but it’s important – in my opinion – is to build momentum soon on The American Anti-Corruption Act, a first-steps initiative to get money out of the federal legislative process.

It’s not full public financing of elections, which is badly needed, and it’s not independent redistricting and right-to-vote laws, but it’s at least a well-calibrated campaign of first steps against systemic corruption in Congress – please sign on & share, More background last month on PPF Blog, ‘Kickstarting the 113th U.S. Congress’. Previous OC blog post welcoming this historically-gridlocked, incredibly unpopular, systemically corrupt legislative body. Research on corruption by Prof. Lessig and on OC Blog.

More info on our non-profit projects for continual, reciprocal engagement with elected officials at the city, state & federal levels – where we’re headed with for cities & states, and our public-benefit vision for OpenCongress in 2013 and beyond. Get in touch, david at Please donate if you can to our tiny non-profit project.

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