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April 4, 2013 - by David Moore

Writing from the plane headed to the National Conference on Media Reform in Denver, CO, organized by the terrific folks at PPF’s longtime friends at Free Press. My first time in Denver, look forward to seeing the mountains.

I’m taking the trip to preview our soon-to-be-relaunched website for engagement with state & city elected officials, Angling to catch a few minutes with the outstanding lineup of presenters – shouts to Prof. Susan Crawford, shouts Josh Silver, shouts to Dan Gillmor, Amy Goodman, Eli Parisier & David Sirota & others. For more about what we’re building for public Q&A with city & local government, check my OG Blog post from last month at SxSW Interactive conference. For more, there’s also our NewsChallenge proposal from last month, though unfortunately OG didn’t make it to the semi-finalists. But a lot of exciting projects did, and we’re excited to work in the open-source, open-data, #opengov landscape.

At the conference (micropublishing hashtag #NCMR13, I believe) – on Saturday at 2pm MT in the room Governors Square 9, I’ll do a demo of our redesigned OG and ask attendees what questions they would ask their city councilmembers & mayors’ offices. We hope that OG will become a useful tool for media reform activists to raise their issues in municipal government and create a positive feedback loop for better public policy outcomes and greater accountability. We should have “We The People” style petitions and Q&A with every elected official, in every city & state, all the time. Free and open-source and open to everyone.

Also excited to see friends & colleagues from our sibling non-profit, Fight For the Future (I see you Holmes) and the inspirational Free Press folks: Josh Levy, Tim Karr, Josh Stern & others. Hi also to Catherine Bracy, Rainey Reitman, Elizabeth Stark & Matt Stempeck – see you soon. I can’t load links reliably here on the plane – are the Nuggets in town this weekend? That would be awesome, though I’m not primarily a Nuggets fan and the conference schedule will surely be jam-packed as always.

To stay in touch with our ongoing OpenGovernment development & rollout, join our low-traffic OG Google Group – there you can manage your delivery settings to get every update, or 25 at a time, or daily digest. So it’s not necessarily a distraction during the workday. Look forward to getting OG back up and out into the wild. OG development is generously supported by the Knight Foundation’s tech 4 engagement initiative, with tech lead by James McKinney of Open North and front-end development by Steve Trevathan of Dobot LLC.

Follow my micropublshing for updates while I’m in Denver and drop me a line, david at For more about how our work overlaps with that of Free Press, see our wrapup blog post from last year on the stop-SOPA battle (our biggest day of traffic ever on OC) and our ongoing CISPA coverage. Mitigating corporate media consolidation and ensuring open access & net neutrality (see: Captive Audience by Prof. Crawford) are vital to ensuring a more participatory democratic process through technology and civic engagement initiatives. While I’m typing, don’t miss Prof. Lessig’s recently-published TED talk on #systemiccorruption. More links on “Republic, Lost”.

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