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OC at Transparency Camp 2013

May 1, 2013 - by David Moore

Transparency Camp 2013 logoThis weekend in D.C. – it’s the “un-conference” of the year for #opengov heads & civic engagement developers. That would be Transparency Camp, organized by the Sunlight Foundation. By “un-conference”, it’s a straightforward-yet-refreshing take on usual conference get-togethers – panels are generally organized bottom-up, so actual tech developers can get-together in the same room and look at actual code & actual features & actual data & actual UIs & actual needs & actual opportunities. Well maybe not as much as would be ideal, but it’s still rather refreshing if you’ve spent months looking at a project management system like Pivotal Tracker or whatever & writing grant proposals in Google Docs. 

David from OC & PPF will be there to demo our new major project: – for city- and state-level government engagement. It’s like a version of “We The People” for elected officials in state legislatures, city councils, the U.S. Congress and more. Free & open-source & not-for-profit as always. 

… this re-launch of OG is being developed with James of Open North as technical lead, and the nice fellas at Dobot LLC as front-end developers, with generous support from the Knight Foundation’s tech 4 engagement initiative. Though we need continued support to roll out OG to more cities … be in touch, email david at, we’re easy to reach & eager to chat about where we’re headed.

Other sessions that should be of interest:

  • James is doing stellar work, as part of OG, on open gov’t data standards – such as Popolo, which will power OG-cities. More info by James back in late Feb.
  • Real Transparency – what activists & advocates really actually need from #opengov & #opendata – by Reinvent Albany, friends of PPF’s in NY at the Open Plans offices.

Also looking forward to seeing: Mjumbe et al, projects from this last round of #opengov #Newschallenge submissions, Philly & Chicago agile dev crews, Code For America allies, more. Thank you to Sunlight Foundation folks for organizing, as always.

Follow along on micropublishing, you know how we do, see you this weekend in D.C.

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