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Three #OpenGov Events This Week

June 3, 2013 - by David Moore

Busy #opengov week here in NYC. I’m pleased to be attending the following events on behalf of PPF:

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 4th – Media Impact Forum from the exciting work of the Media Impact Funders. Thank you to their E.D., Vince Stehle (aka vincedaily on Twtr), for inviting me and my friend & colleague Nicholas Reville (that’s nreville on same) of our sibling non-profit the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF). You may even recall that back in Sept. ‘12, Vince organized a panel with friend-of-PPF Chris Hayes at Philanthrophy New York, ’Power Tools for a Better Democracy’ (feat. video). Tomorrow I’m honored that we’ll be joined by the esteemed Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! to discuss how politics is culture and vice versa. I’ll likely expound on my usual topic of walking individuals up the “chain of engagement”, from providing access to official government info to offering increased participation steps, all towards increased trust & transparency in the political process. Shouts to the team at Democracy Now! for being a longtime partner of PCF’s Miro video player and continuing to produce vital investigative journalism. (For example, see back in ‘09!) Democracy Now has always understood the power of the open standard of video over RSS in an open-source community software player such as Miro. For more Democracy Now!, see July 2012 interview with Chris Hayes on his book ’Twilight of the Elites’.

Wednesday, June 5th, I’m excited to attend a meeting of developers & stakeholders in open standards for government data here in NYC convened by David Eaves. Or in more detail, it’s a “TOW Centre for Digital Journalism workshop around creating common data standards for municipal political data.” Will udpate with links – lots & lots of friends-of-PPF will be there, including the great developer Phil Ashlock (that @philipashlock dude)  of Democracy Map & Open311, Ginny Hunt of Google Politics & Election, Tom Lee & James Turk of Sunlight Labs & OpenStates, James McKinney of Open North (the technical lead on our new buildout of, and Dan Melton of Grancius & Mjumbe Poe of OpenPlans & more. See you soon – with more data standards & APIs, civic developers can build more creative & useful apps for citizen engagement & better legislative outcomes & mitigating systemic corruption.

Thursday June 6th & Friday June 7th, it’s the Personal Democracy Forum conference – in my longtime opinion, the premiere tech-politics conference in the U.S. Golly this will be my ninth consecutive year (of ten total) representing our non-profit, open-source work for reforming the operations of government to be more responsive & continually-connected. See full speaker list – shouts to many friends & allies there, including Prof. Beth Noveck (now of GovLab, very exciting) – friend-of-PPF Catherine Bracy of Code For America – and PPF’s very own co-founder and President of the Board, Tiffiniy Cheng, there to present her groundbreaking work with our other sibling non-profit, Fight For the Future, which coordinated the largest online protest in history. Credit to Personal Democracy Media‘s co-directors, Andrew Rasiej (Chair of the awesome NY Tech Meetup) & Micah Sifry (of Good Question Project and so much more recent #opengov history) for selecting a theme in honor of the late Aaron Swartz, “Think Bigger” – I think that’s powerful & productive. For more on Aaron and how he continues to influence our work, please read my Jan. 2013 blog post remembrance. And brace yourself for a slew of PdF updates on micropublishing & social networking services later this week. 

At PdF conference, I’ll be informally demo’ing our new – a version of ‘We The People’ for every elected official (city, state & federal). In addition to showing our redesigned web app, I’ll be making the case that this is a (free & open-source) public resource that simply should exist for greater engagement with government and public accountabilty. If you happen to be attending the conference in NYC, please grab me, I’m happy to show our work & get your feedback. I’m david at, and @ppolitics on micropublishing – davidmooreppf on AIM / Skype, #opengovernment on in IRC. We’re actively seeking additional charitable funding support of our work on this open Question-and-Answer & Petition platform – please email me for a copy of our non-profit funding prospectus. Q&A has been shown to succeed in other countries for greater connection between elected officials and their constituents, and we think we have a unique opportunity to foster a greater online public dialogue here in the U.S. at every level (city / state / federal). Join our low-traffic Google Group to stay posted with development updates.

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