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StopWatchingUs Coalition Rally - Saturday in D.C., Everywhere on the Web

October 25, 2013 - by David Moore

David with PPF here, I’m down in D.C. today in preparation for a rally tomorrow by the Stop Watching Us coalition against mass domestic surveillance. This morning I attended a training by EFF, Public Knowledge and others on Capitol Hill for citizens going to lobby their members of Congress and Cong. staff on public opposition to NSA spying. Exciting times.

Our non-profit, public-benefit work on government transparency depends on a truly open, neutral Internet. American citizens tracking the votes and campaign contributions of their members of Congress must be able to share & discuss information privately online, without a dragnet of unaccountable NSA surveillance in their own country.

The Snowden revelations on far-reaching domestic NSA spying programs show that public accountability – the checks-and-balances necessary in our representative democracy – has withered in Congress. Oversight was lacking and the system is not optimized for civil liberties, net freedoms, and the public interest.

I’m proud to be listed as an individual supporter of the protest, but what’s really impressive is the over 100 public-advocacy organizations and companies that have formed the coaltiion. Shout to PPF’s sibling non-profit, Fight For the Future, which is helping to organize the rally. Shouts also to some of PPF’s digital-rights allies: EFF, FreePress, Mozilla, PK, CDT, 350, dKos, Demand Progress, Occupy NYC, Prometheus Radio, and MoveOn.

Come on out to the Rally if you’re in D.C. area, but no matter where you are, you can spread the word – like their official Facebook page and symbolically join the Rally event on FB as well. 

More links & resources:

  •  … and of course, don’t miss the public-figure-laden video in support of the rally (632k YT views!).
  • Rally tmw will feat. Rep. Justin Amash & former Rep. Dennis Kucinich! The latter of whom happened to be on my Acela train headed down yesterday.

… much more to type, including the bonkers Tom Mattzie incident w/ former NSA chief Michael Hayden yesterday. What a world. Follow along on the StopWatchingUs hashtag and in the News.

Come say hi if you’re able to attend the rally tmw, I’m @ppolitics on Twttr. See you tonight at the EFF speakeasy, if you’re so inclined.

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