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Just What the Doctor Ordered

August 7, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

Senate Democrats may gain a slight edge when they return from the August recess. It has been rumored that Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD), who suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage in December, will be coming back to work on Capitol Hill in September. The latest news adds some validity to the rumors: after spending eight months recovering in Virginia, Johnson is finally well enough to head back home to South Dakota.

In the seven months that Congress was in session without Johnson, Democrats in the Senate held only a one-vote advantage over Republicans. On votes involving Iraq and issues of security, Independent Joe Lieberman (CT) has voted consistently with Republicans, putting Democrats in a virtual minority. When the Iraq debate is resumed in September, having Johnson around could very well be the deciding factor in whether or not senate Democrats can pass a bill to change the course of the war.

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