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The Presidential Money Race in a Widget

August 28, 2007 - by Donny Shaw, a groundbreaking new site whose goal is to illuminate the connection between money and politics, released a new tool last week that lets anyone put the most up to date information about presidential fundraising on their site. Their new widget for tracking the campaign contributions of presidential candidates is highly customizable and it is automatically updated as soon as new data is available from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

Here is one that I customized to track the fundraising efforts of all presidential candidates who are also currently members of Congress:

…I wonder how much of their time went into raising all that money for their presidential campaigns that would have otherwise been used working on issues in Congress. has also begun publishing an API that provides all of the FEC data they have collected in the easily-digestible XML format so that web and software developers can use it to their own ends.

This is only the beginning of the the exciting data releases that MAPLight has planned for the near-future. From their press release:

>By September 15, will release a widget for U.S. Congress, showing total campaign contributions for all candidates for Congress. By September 30, will release its “Money and Votes” widget, revealing correlations between campaign contributions and votes for any bill in U.S. Congress. To be notified when releases these widgets, visit

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