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Kennedy's Bill Requires Congress' Consent to Increase Troops

January 9, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) will be introducing a bill to the Senate today that would require the President to get the consent of Congress before he can increase the number of troops in Iraq.

The bill seeks to deny the use of Federal funds for sending more troops to Iraq. The bill may not have the support it would need to pass through the Senate, but it will at least serve to put every Senator on record as being essentially for or against the surge in Iraq. The record of the vote on this bill could be highly influential when some Senators are up for re-election.

This bill is being introduced before President Bush has even announced his plan for a new direction in Iraq. He is expected to announce his plan to increase the amount of troops in Iraq by 20,000 tomorrow night on primetime television.

TPMmuckraker has a preview of a speech about the bill that Kennedy will be delivering later toady.

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