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Wikileaks-A New Wikiable Archive of Leaked Government Documents

January 11, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

“Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis.”

“We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better government and stronger democracies. Many governments would benefit from increased scrutiny by the world community, as well as their own people. We believe this scrutiny requires information. Historically that information has been costly – in terms of human life and human rights. Wikileaks will facilitate safety in the ethical leaking movement.”

Wikileaks will be live sometime in the next month or so. They are going to have over 1.1 million leaked documents up by the time they launch. Besides just providing the documents themselves, Wikileaks will have forums for users to analyze the documents’ authenticity, and to comment on their relevance to the issues that matter to the public.

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