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Congresspedia Preview: This Week in Congress (Jan. 22 - 25, 2008)

January 23, 2008 - by David Moore

Yesterday, our friends at the publicly-editable wiki Congresspedia published a preview of this week in Congress, written by Assistant Managing Editor Avelino Maestas. It’s a useful, clear look ahead at the Congressional to-do queue — not just regarding economic stimulus, but also FISA reform, defense appropriations and children’s health care.

Back on the OpenCongress blog, Donny Shaw summarized the state of play for the FISA debate and the DoD authorization last week, and you can view lots more news and blog coverage of children’s health care debate on the page for the S-CHIP extension bill (vetoed by the President last session). Finally, don’t forget that you can find other buzzworthy legislation to track and share on our page of “Hot Bills”.

Later today I’ll post a round-up of what’s hot among users of “”">My OpenCongress": tracking bills, comments, votes, friending, and more. (Pictured above: Sens. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speak to reporters with the Democrats’ take on the economic stimulus proposals, Jan. 16, 2008.)

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