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The Budget Battle Will Be Live-Blogged

March 4, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Wednesday’s budget resolution markup will begin a long and contentious battle over tax and spending priorities for fiscal year 2009. The future of Bush’s tax cuts, an expansion of SCHIP and an economic stimulus package with increased unemployment insurance and food stamps will all be on the table. And live-blogging it all will the Republican members of the House Budget Committee.

According to House Republican leader John Boehner (R-OH), “the Committee will begin consideration of the budget at 10:30am tomorrow, and the Leader’s blog will provide regular updates on its progress, including votes on key amendments, throughout the day.” My two cents on this: there will be a lot in the budget that Republicans don’t like and very little that they can do about it, so they are willing to take some of their energy away from the actual meeting and put it towards getting their message out to the public. Having a record of how every member of the committee voted on every amendment in the markup will be a nice departure from the usual lack of information about the committee process.

You’ll be able to read the live-blogging here once it begins.

Pictured above is House Budget Chairman John Spratt (D-SC).

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