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Time Out in the 100 Hour Plan to Vote on Football (And a Few Other Things)

January 16, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

The official 100 Hour Plan clock will be ticking away when the house of Representatives begins their legislative business at 2:00 p.m. But they won’t be dealing with any of the remaining bills that they have promised to pass in the 100 Hours until tomorrow. Today will be filled up with minor business. I guess they are feeling confident about finishing the promised 100 Hour Plan bills in time. They have 76 hours left, and only two more bills to pass.

Today’s business includes:

H.Res. 61, a resolution to observe the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

H.R. 188, a bill that will speed up the process of passing along proceeds from the sales of a Thomas Edison collectors coin to various Edison related projects.

H.R.391, a bill to continue certain housing subsidies through the length of the current continuing resolution.

H.Res.39, commending the Florida Gators for their victory in the 2006 Bowl Championship Series. Interestingly, this is the game that was rumored to be the reason Congress didn’t meet last Monday.

H.Con.Res.31 Honoring the Mare Island Original 21 ers for their efforts to increase equal opportunity employment in the military.

And, an as of yet unnumbered resolution commending the Boise State Broncos football team for winning the Fiesta Bowl.

If you haven’t seen what these resolutions that honor football teams are like, its worth following the link and reading the text. This actually gets read on the House floor:

Whereas senior quarterback Chris Leak was the Most Valuable Player of the BCS national championship game;

Whereas the Florida defense held Ohio State to only 82 yards of offense, the lowest ever for a BCS game;

Whereas the University of Florida student athletes are among the most talented in the Nation;

Whereas University of Florida fans worldwide supported and encouraged the Gators throughout the football season;

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