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When to Expect Your Stimulus Check

March 18, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Now you can easily find out exactly how much your rebate check will be for and when you will to get it. The IRS has just created the Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator — all you need to find out the amount of your rebate is your 2007 federal form 1040, federal form 1040EZ, or federal form 1040A, and your social security number.

They also posted a calendar of when checks will be mailed or direct deposited.

After Congress passed the economic stimulus bill, people got together on the OpenCongress bill page and tried to piece together a better understanding of what it would mean for them. It was a great discussion — the most active on the site at the time — and a lot of questions were answered. If you are still unsure about your status after using the IRS calculator, try looking on that page. Chances are that your question has been discussed — if not, you can ask the community.

(h/t/ OMB Watch)

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