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Cadet Nurse Equity

April 14, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Shirley A Harrow writes:

>Hundreds of surviving members of the United states Cadet Nurse Corps are waging a grass roots effort to garner support for their place as Veterans of WWII. They were part of the US Public Health Service which was militarized for the duration of WWII. Their uniforms bore the insignia of the USPHS Corps of Commissioned officers. From 1943-1945 The USCNC recruited 180,000 young women; 124,000 survived the rigors and regulations in service to their country. In actuality,they were the ROTC of today and would be officers and veterans. Sixty years and seven US Cadet Nurse Equity Bills have died in committee, without a hearing.

The United States Cadet Nurse Corps Equity Act would give veteran status and benefits, as well as an official honorable discharge from the military, to all surviving World War II Cadet Nurses.

Shirley’s website with tons more info on the history Cadet Nurses can be found here.

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